How to Use Scrolls in Skyrim

If you’re wondering how to use scrolls in Skyrim then that is the easiest task. The tougher part of scrolls is what scroll to use.

Scrolls have many advantages, especially for those who are not wizards. However, it does bring some caviar along too.


How to use a scroll in Skyrim?

Use a scroll going to your inventory from your quick menu. Select a scroll and assign it to a hand. Some scrolls require two hands. To see that you did correctly, your hand should glow depending on the scrolls ability. You should be able to see the colors. To cast the scroll ability then just hit the attack button and boom there ya go.

Note: You must keep the attack button held down until spell it’s over. As some scroll spells have to charge time so keep your finger holding the attack button until the spell is fully released.

Why use scrolls Spells?

The main advantage of using scrolls for spells is that they do not require magic to cast the spell.

Any warrior regardless the class or skill can perform and use the scroll spells

Scrolls are very lightweight so you should have weight problems to use them.

Scrolls can be acquired from spell merchants. You can find them free laying around and search in cabins.

Some spell scrolls can be created in the Atronach Forge in The Midden right below the College of Winterhold.

Scrolls can be sold to merchants for lots of gold.

Any Downside?

Yes, the scroll’s spells can be only used ONCE!

Most scrolls require a charging time. Some spells take up to 15 seconds. This could put into a disadvantaged position as it leaves you to expose to your enemies. At the same time, you’re going to be holding down the attack button so there nothing you can do while charging.

You will not learn any skills from using the scrolls. So if you’re warrior don’t expect to become a wizard any time soon.


J’Zargo’s Experiment

The J’Zargo quest is a quest that will actually require you to use a scroll. At first, the game will ask you to use a fireball scroll on the 3 undead near Skytemple Ruins.

Keep in mind that using fire scroll potential inflict damage on your character. You should you fire resistance to counter the scroll effect.

If you’re using the Flame Cloak be careful not to get near friendly followers as damage will be inflicted upon them.

Also, you should avoid using fire scrolls if you’re a vampire. 

 To learn more about the J’Zargo Experiment, here is IGN walkthrough guide.


What Spells You Should Use

skyrim fireball scroll

There are so many scrolls for many different spells. You can go from doing a lot of damage healing yourself. Here are some of the best scrolls to use.

Scroll of Fire Storm: There are 3 different spells for this scrolls. Firestorm 25, 65, 100. The number 25, 65 and 100 simply means the range of the attack.

Obviously, you want the 100 range. Any enemies within this range should get 75 life points damage.

The 65 range firestorm also does 75 damage.

However, the 25 range firestorm only does 50 damage. This is still good, especially in the early game. Well, if you can afford it or get lucky finding it somewhere.

These scrolls can be found in Dimhollow Cavern, Inner Sanctum, and Volkihar Ruins.

Scroll of Mass Paralysis & Scroll of Paralyze: These are very useful scrolls to use as you freeze your opponent for a limited time in place leaving them exposed.

You can advantage can cast your most powerful spell or more damaging move that you have.

The Scroll of Paralyze affects a single enemy for 10 seconds. The Scroll of Mass Paralysis would affect every enemy within the 40 ft range. Also, would paralyze them for 10 seconds.

You can find these scrolls in Apocrypha and Mzulft.

Scroll of Ice Storm: This one of the scrolls that does a lot of damage.

The Scroll of Ice Storm does 50 points to the enemy life points within 15 feet range. Also, it affects your opponent stamina. You can slow your enemy down form 5 second.

You can find this scroll in Volunruud Elder’s Cairn.

Scroll of Chain Lightning: This scrolls would be very useful when you want to attack and overwhelming heard of enemies.

The Chain Lighting does 50 damage as well as halves the magicka. The lighting could leap to other nearby enemies.

This scroll can be found in Bloodskal Barrow and Mzulft Aedrome

Scroll of Fast Healing, Scroll of Cure Wounds, Scroll of Heal Other & Scroll of Grand Healing: Nothing better than some extra life points when fighting a douche boss.

Scroll of fast healing restores 45 points to health.

Scroll of cure wounds restores 100 points to health.

Scroll of Heal Other heals a particular player or NPC of your choice. You provide them with 45 points to their health. Note: You cannot heal machines or the undead.

Scroll of Grand Healing provides 100 points to health within 15 feet in the range of the caster.

These scrolls can be found in Apocrypha, Alftand Animonculary, Sunderstone Gorge, Shrine to Peryite.

For all scrolls information here.


Spider Scrolls

skyrim spider scrolls

Spider scrolls are a bit different from your regular casting scrolls. The spider scrolls do not cast but instead summons a certain type of spider that does various things to your opponent like explode.

Like the normal scrolls, spider scrolls does not require magicka for use and does not need any skills for use.

Also, you can only use one time like normal scrolls.

There are various types of spider spells as they do something when a near enemy come by. The range is 5 feet.

Exploding Frost Spider would explode and cause damage to an enemy in 5 feet range. Frost Cloaked Spider does ice spell damage to a nearby enemy within 5 feet.

This spells can be found Sapphire/Flawless Sapphire, Salt Pile, and Albino Spider Pod.

There is a lot more spider spell for just about any type of damage life poison, shock, and so on.

For more spider damage spell go here.


Should You Use Scrolls?

Scrolls are very useful if you invest time to practice them. They could be very hard to use. The main cause of that you, most of the time, will forget that you have them in your inventory.

Once you get used casting them and find the right moment to use, it could very helpful.

The downside of scrolls is that spells can be used one time and that limits your ability to practice using certain spells. You literally have to be precise in timing, space, and distance. Otherwise, you’ll very vulnerable and exposed to your enemies.

Best way to get better at casting spells is just by casting every spell you find. Nothing better leaning to use spells by just using them any time you get a chance.

Or you can sell them if scrolls are a bit too much for your game style. Scrolls are sold off a lot of money most of the time.

If you any great spells that you use, let us know in the comment below.

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