Skyrim Where to store items

Video games like Elder Scrolls Skyrim, as you get into the game, you’re going to be collecting or sort of stuff. At one point you’re going to need more room in your inventory. Then you’re going to ask where to store my items in Skyrim. Luckily, there are some effective ways to store items in the long term and short term.

A house on Skyrim is a must. So if you just acquired a house and you do not know when to find clay and stones then here is an article how to get them for free. It is actually very easy to find them. The article shows you how to get wood also.


Your Personal Skyrim House


At the beginning of the game, you’re given a place as your home. At that place, you can store all the items that you don’t need in the chests. Usually, you can find a chest next to your bed.

You can drop items just about anywhere because the public doesn’t have access to your home.

The second more safest way to get storage is buying your own house. The house may cost 5000 coins but its worth it.

Depending if you purchase furnished from the vendor, this is when you buy the house, you will get a certain amount of storage chest.

If you buy the house with and not purchasing furniture from the vendor, then you’ll get one chest. If you do end up buying the furnishes from the vendor, then you should be getting a 2-3 chest.

Another way would be the trader Lydia. You can ask her to follow and should be able to carry stuff for you. She has a limited amount of weight she can carry through. It should be a couple 100 pounds so be wise what to give her for storage.

A safe to increase your own store inventory. You do that by increasing your stamina. By increasing your stamina you can increase the amount of weight you can carry. The more stamina you have the more stuff you can carry.


You can store things in safe houses around the map

skyrim outside barrel

There is a free house in the wild where you can to store all your stuff safely.

skyrim labyrinthian location

To get there, you’re going to want to make your way up to Labyrinthian. You can get there fast but there are ice trolls. So you need to watch out for them as they might pose a problem. The map should indicate the house.

Inside this sanctuary, there’s a mask on the ground and a note. So you just put the wooden mask on and you’re brought to the same room but back in a distant time. You can’t get out but if you want to leave the house then just take off the mask.

All the containers are working. You can use the urns and chest for storage with no issues. This may not be a great space to store all the items but its a place where it going to be safe for a bit.

In Skyrim, you can place things almost just about anywhere. As long as people do not have access to or aware of your stuff including out to the public.

Here is a link to all the safe containers where you can store all around the map.

Places on the map that does not change or do not respawn. These places are usually places like your place where is a space in the game on its own. Places that trigger a loading screen usually is what to look for.

Places that may change, especially if you completed the main location quest, it is not a safe place store because the place may change by the end of the quest. You can store stuff after the main location quest is done.

The only thing you should note is that items do not stay in place forever. They have a limit on how long they stay stored. Most of the time, untouched items stay for 10 days. Items stored longer than that then it is most likely to disappear.

If you find a hidden place where to store items safely in the short run, then it might be very useful. As long as you do not forget to come back and pick it up.

For instance, when fighting a hard boss. If you manage to find a safe place to store healing potions, armor, weapons, or whatever then it would be very helpful. As you do not need to run into town to need items or weapons for the fight.


Places not safe for storage

Like mentioned above, you can store almost everywhere in Skyrim and that includes corpses. This not a safe place to store anything because they tend to disappear after a while.

Merchant’s chest is also not to use to store items as they might be trapped and locked away. They also respawn within a few days so another reason to not store anything there.

Pickpocketing is another not recommended to store your items away. Unless you’re trying to throw away your stuff do not do it. NPCs tend to go into places and respawn somewhere else and that is a high change them losing your personal items.

Unless you store items in stationary guards that never move then that might be a good chance. This assumes that you won’t get caught pickpocketing 100% of the time. I mean really, you must be that bored.

You don’t want to be storing anything, for the long-term, outside of your home in general. Anywhere outside has a high chance to lose your items. Even places where do not respawn there is a risk in the long run. You should consider using your own chest at home or buy a house and store your items there.

If you have more tips on where to store items in Skyrim then let us know in the comments below.

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