Skyrim Where to buy Lockpicks

If you for some reason ran out of lockpicks in Skyrim then here is where to buy lockpicks. There are multiples way to get them free all around the map but if you’re really in a rush then buying would be your best option.

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The Riften location is where you can buy lockpicks. You’re going to go to the Thieve’s Guild. Thieve’s Guild is your go-to place.

Watch the video below on how to get there. If you know where it is, then skips the video.

Once you get to the main area of the place, you want to search for Tonilia. She sells lockpicks for 5 coins.

This is your place to get them quick if you’re in a rush.

Best Places to Find Lockpicks

traders house

To find lockpicks for free, then you should heavily in watchtowers.

When you fight soldiers around the watchtower, they usually drop items and lockpick is a high chance. Also, you may find chests in the towers that might contain lockpicks.

Riverwood trader is another place to find lots of lockpicks. Go to the city of Riverwood then go to the Riverwood Trader house.  It is located two houses straight from when you spawn in the city.

Once you enter the house, you want to speak to the guy at the bar. He knows from the Iron Claw quest. All you have to do is just trade with him. He will have a large number of lockpicks.

Note: You can only go in the daytime, otherwise you will have to lockpick the house at night.

If you know where to find more lockpicks, the comment the location below.

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