Letter from a Lover Guide in Dragon Age Inquisition

The third installment in the Dragon Age franchise provides some stunning and rather unique environments to explore, from the desert landscapes of the Western Approach to the bracing cliffs of the Storm Coast. And with each new location comes a plethora of quests and collections players can complete.



One of the first locations players are brought to, and may find themselves spending quite a considerable amount of time exploring, is the Hinterlands. Whilst exploring this immense location, players may stumble upon the quest, “Letter from a Lover”.

At first, the objective may seem simple enough: bring a specific herb to a statue. However, finding this herd may prove challenging for some as the plant is extremely rare and can only be found in high-level locations that can only be unlocked after finishing specific main story quests. Provided below is a laid-out Letter from a Lover Guide for anyone struggling to complete this quest.

Exploring the Hinterlands can be quite the challenge, with 29 regions, 3 extra areas to explore, 6 camps, 3 Astrariums, 4 bottles of Thedas, 17 landmarks, 22 shards, and 12 mosaic pieces to find and collect. The war table operations associated with the location also take time to complete.


Build Watchtowers

In particular, Build Watchtowers takes either 45 minutes with Cullen or 60 minutes with Josephine (& this is required to move along the main story). Given all this time players are given the chance to take in as much of the area as possible before continuing on with the main storyline.


Inquisitor’s Journal

Amongst the wilderness are numerous quests, both sides and main, that range from finding a widow’s ring stolen by some templars to taking out rogue mages and templars causing extensive damage to the area. While exploring the side quests, Letter from a Lover may be discovered and added to the inquisitor’s journal.

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To begin the following side quest, Letter from a Lover, players must find and read a letter in an abandoned camp. Starting from the Redcliffe Farms Campsite, located in the northwestern portion of the Hinterlands map, players must trek north until they reach the region Dead Ram Grove. After crossing a small river and heading down a slight incline leads directly into the abandoned camp where the letter can be found. On a table next to the campfire and tent the following letter can be read:

Come to me, my love. The dreams have guided you this far, and now I write these words with your own hand, for you to read when you wake. You are so close. Come to the tree on the hill where the stone lady stands, bearing Felandris so that I know you, and we can finally be together forever.”

Reading this letter earns the player 125 experience points, the letter is not entered as a codex entry and begins the quest, Letter from a Lover. The author of this letter and the lover mentioned are never specifically identified or explored.


Bring Felandris to the tree on the hill

In order to complete the quest, a herb called Felandaris needs to be found and brought to a shrine not far from the abandoned campsite. Specifically, this quest’s single objective is to Bring Felandris to the tree on the hill.

Unfortunately, finding this plant may prove rather difficult for players as many will be low leveled when this quest is first encountered (ranging somewhere under level 10). As a tier 3 rare herb Felandaris can only be found in the following locations:


Skyhold War Table

Empirse Du Lion, levels 16 – 19 recommended (unlocked by completing the Skyhold War Table quest, Liberate Emprise Du Lion, which costs 20 power and completes immediately)

  • North-West of the Sahrnia Campsite, located north of the tower and close to the water’s edge on the island in Elfsblood Tower Region
  • North of Crystal Cascade Landmark (located north of the Highgrove camp), in front of some ruins
  • South-East of Tower of Bone Landmark (Tower Camp encompasses this location) and to the right of Judicael’s Crossing (the massive bridge that connects the western and eastern portions of the area)
  • Multiple plants found in Suledin Keep which players explore in-depth during the questline that follows the area
  • Multiple plants found around Pools of the Sun Landmark (on the eastern section of the map, across the bridge Judicael’s Crossing), a level 19 ice high dragon will found here and attack once the player reaches the top of the colosseum
  • A possible rare reward for the war table mission, Emprise Du Lion Resources using Leliana

Arbor Wilds, levels 16 – 19 recommended (visited during the main quest What Pride Had Wrought)

  • Scattered throughout the region as elfroot and spindleweed are

Frostback Basin (Jaws of Hakkon DLC required to unlock this area)

  • Scattered throughout the region as elfroot and spindleweed are

Winter Palace merchant (Trespasser DLC required to unlock this shop)

  • Only available once the main quest, Doom Upon All the World, and the war table scouting mission, Attend the Exalted Council, have been completed
  • Costs 172 silver pieces

Redcliffe Farms Campsite

Once the Felandaris is found, it must be taken to Maferath Repentant (landmark). From the Redcliffe Farms Campsite, head north until reaching the river just before Dead Ram Grove, where Letter from a Lover began, and head west. Following the river will lead to the required landmark, and the quest marker on the map will also show where to head (this quest will always point to the landmark, even if the player lacks the required materials). When placed, the quest will be completed, and the following will be rewarded:

  • 44 experience points
  • 40 Influence

A level 11 wraith will also spawn in and attack once the Felandaris is placed, but defeating it is not mandatory in order to complete the quest. This enemy will not drop any kind of unique armor, weapon or crafting material specific to the Letter from a Lover quest.

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You enjoy playing Dragon Age, but this quest shouldn’t take dragon ages! Hopefully, this Letter from a Lover Guide provided some useful insight to those struggling to complete this frustrating side quest.

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