Injustice 2 Best Characters for Beginners

Injustice 2 is a really fun game to play but it could be very difficult to get into at first. If you’re a beginner then most likely you’re going to press buttons and hope for the best. However, if you’re a beginner and want to learn to do combos and other tactics then stick around for the article.

There are so many good characters and most are fun. Most of the characters have fun unique abilities but not all are easy to execute. As a beginner, you might want to avoid those players so here it is the Injustice 2 best characters for beginners.


Zoning is an important term that I’m going to talk about throughout the article. If you know what is zoning the skip to the list of characters. Now, zoning is when a character keeps a distant on purpose because they have an ability to shoot projectiles. There is a lot more tactics and strategies to keep distant but this is the most common. Deadshot among others is the perfect example. You can pretty much spam bullets from a distant. If your opponent can’t deal with it then it could be an easy win for you.

The zoning play style is great for beginners. Melee styles take a lot more skills. Among many of those skills are predicting your opponents moves, know when to attack and from what angle, when to hold back, and look for openings. All these things could be overwhelming for someone who just picked up the game and not used to playing 2D fighting games. Generally, it takes a lot of time before you get to that level. Stick to zoning if you’re new and learn all the moves before moving to different tactics and strategies. Learn your opponents move too. Now, let’s look at the characters that your zone with.


injustice 2 supergirl

I definitely would recommend her and Superman as my two picks for beginners just to learn the game. On the easy meter, she all the way down at the least easy of the list because of her downside. She doesn’t do a lot of damage. What you’re going to have to do is zone. You’re going to have to do a couple extra combos with her in order to kill your opponent. As opposed to some of the other characters on this list that do a ton of damage. And they are almost as easy you as Supergirl.

Supergirl has a ton a ton of tools other than her damage. She has a great combo move that combines it with her cold breathe. She has great movement in the air dash and the air stop. You could do it multiple times in the air. Also, you could do a jump in air stop jumping and again to pressure your opponent. She has really fun corner loops. Her super goes full screen and its crazy good.

I would definitely recommend Supergirl as one of the top characters to start off. You should try to learn her zoning moves. She has a teleporting move which becomes at times hard a block because you’re so concerned about the zone. You have to hold back the block Supergirl teleports to the other side creates an overhead situation. That is a very hard situation because you have react very quickly in the heat of the moment and it could be hard to hard to react to. She also has really fun conversations too.

More easy come easy combos in this Youtube Video for Supergirl


injustice 2 superman

For a beginner, learning the game with Superman would be one of the best characters. He literally has everything you want in a character. He has insane damage, especially in the corner. He has an okay mix up with his two-two low scoop or two-two overhead in the corner. This could become deadly because a good cool combo punished into freeze into a potential mix-up.

He has two really good invincible wake-ups. The Superman dash punch is actually not fully invincible but it’s very hard to punish if you miss or burn it. Also, dash punch gets armor and it does a couple extra hits. He has the aerial like charge in which you switch corners. You could laser afterward to get a little bit extra damage for about 130.

Superman literally has everything. He has his traits like he has a great zoning. His traits actually destroy armor, so if your opponent’s trying to do a meter burn back three, while you have your trait and you do a forward three or forward. If your opponent and you happen to perform a combo, especially an armored move, Superman would come out at the top because that’s the Superman’s trait does. He also juices up to damage not only his regular attacks but his zoning too.

Superman has some of the best moves in the game. However, I am not saying he has a bad zoning but his heat vision actually shoots at an awkward angle. Superman has a giant hitbox so there are many times where you tried to jump in on Superman you think you’re about to hit him and his lasers actually hit you meter burn it sends you full screen for about 200 damage.

This character is so versatile that you could do zoning or advancing. Superman also has one of the fastest supers in the game it goes full screen perfect for closing out games. If you have a meter and your opponent’s around 350 damage this is overall. Superman is like a good little package like a complete character.


injustice 2 aquaman

Are you serious? Aquaman?! Yes, I know Aquaman is not everyone favorite character but his zoning it damn good. You have to just walk back, and back and let the Trident and the from the deed the tentacles and water of life do the work for you. If your opponents are trying zone and it has no hitbox that you pretty much have the advantage. Any opponents in the game that just like to walk back and zone. When you get in close he has six frames down one he has back one, two, three which is plus two on block leading to really good frame traps for Aquaman.

Aquaman’s forward one backward or his down one which is six frames being plus back one two three beams plus two makes it six string down one. A four bring down one so we tried to counter poke you’re going to hit no matter what down one combo and to try and rush you could Trident rush keep the pressure going. That does a ton of chip and if your opponent gets hit unless he’s matching on that back. Aquaman is almost guaranteed another back-one leading into the same situation over and over. That’s the Trident rush for you.

If that wasn’t enough his trade actually let Aquaman get out of combos mid hits. For example, if Superman were to do a two to scoop on you. After he activates the scoop and gets the few hits in, all other hits are going to get blocked because of the Water of Life. It allows you to get out of grounded combos. If you commit you know you think you get a hit or not Aquaman you commit to a special move on save. Your opponents will get punished which is M1 into from deep for over 400 damage.


injustice atrocious

Atrocitus all you need to worry about its forward two-three. He has one of the best strings in the game. Also, he has one of the best raw mix-ups in the entire game. There aren’t too many 50/50 in Injustice 2 but Atrocitus here has one of the best if not the best is raw combo string that leads you to a special off of 50/50.

Those who don’t know 50/50 means it’s either you block overhead or low because over two two three goes mid overhead-overhead and you could go with a with a low putter. You could go mid-mid low or mid-mid overhead low or just continuous ring and go mid-mid overhead. If you want to stay safe you do the Napalm Vomit which has zero frames of recovery. Not only that but once you get Dek Starr out you become the best character in the game because he just watches your back no matter. He allows you to continue pressure and he keeps you safe.

He lets you do insane damage in the corner because of the Napalm Vomit. It actually does damage over time and its stack so with the Dek Starr attacks. Atrocitus just has great buttons great range overall amazing character and very easy to play.

Black Adam

injustice 2 black adam

Black Adam of character to learn or to play in Injustice. I don’t think so just based off of his damage alone and how little execution it takes to get to that damage. Black Adam is the easiest character in Injustice to those two combos alone. It will take you not but a minute to learn in training mode even if you’ve never played Black Adam in your life. He has two insane combos will take you about a minute to learn and master.

He does a ton of damage and he has incredible buttons. He has a great down one that leads into the Palpatine hands which do around 200 plus damage. Clash balls he has the meter burn lightning which does over 200 damage.  Clash balls have full screen 50/50 s with his low lightning and overhead Divekick his overhead dive kick leads to almost 500 damage.Depending on what character it is might go over 500.

He has crazy corner setups where you could make your cross up before you make your Divekick cross up. Of course, if it does hit then puts him into a situation where he’s going to lose over 400 plus damage. You could lead it into a setup he has one of the best traits in the game. The orbs a guarantee of you around 12% damage if all three orbs hit.

If you do one-one, three in two orbs you are plus like 20 damage. So I guaranteed you standing one-one three guarantees hitting your opponent and even if opponent presses any buttons whatsoever. He’s going to get hit do about 600 damage. No doubt in anyone’s mind Black Adam is the easiest character to play in Injustice 2.

You agree with this list of Injustice 2 Best Characters for Beginners? Give it a share. If you have other characters that you would recommend for beginners players, then let us know in the comments below. If you wonder how is Green Arrow alive in Injustice 2 after his death in Injustice 1, then here is my theory where this Green Arrow came from.

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