Runecrafting Guide in Old School RuneScape

There are several skills in Old school RuneScape that can be quite challenging to acquire, one of them being runecrafting. Runecrafting is one of the 15 free-to-play skills. To become a master, a gamer has to sacrifice long hours.

In this runecrafting guide, I focus on how to acquire the runecrafting skill as well as how to improve your K/hr rates while playing old school RuneScape.


Unique Attributes

Runecrafting is unique mainly because of the same clicking and running that happens on all levels i.e. 1-99, unlike what is required for other skills. The only changes you’ll experience are the type of runes you are going to create as well as the abyss rooms you enter in the game.

It’s every gamer’s wish to acquire as many runes and kill as many monsters as possible to increase their XP rates and ultimately gain cash. This runecrafting guide is just what you need to help you get closer to your goal.


How to Obtain This Skill

It’s a no brainer that before you begin training for runecrafting, you should have your gear set up in place. It’s best to put on lightweight gear as it helps you last longer when you are running.

Another staple is putting on a graceful outfit such as the Dragonfire shield because you are certainly going to need it for blood and soul runes. You should also stock up on stamina or energy potions.

There are three types of energy potions in old school RuneScape. The rune essence is used to make air, fire, mind, and earth runes. Pure essences come in handy when making runes such as wrath, chaos, and astral. Finally, the dark essence is used to create soul and blood runes.

Now that we have covered the gear set up, this runecrafting guide would not be complete if I failed to mention the two quests required before an attempt at runecrafting. The first quest being the Rune Mysteries Quest, which takes roughly two minutes to complete.

The other one is the Abyss miniquest. This miniquest is essential because it gives you access to pouches. Pouches are obtained after killing all creatures in the abyss. This can be done at any level.

The small pouch does not require completing any level, and it only holds three. The giant pouch holds 12, and it requires you to kill the masters and reach level 75 runecrafting. Don’t forget to repair the pouches as they can decay hence vanish.

To repair them, you need to talk to the Dark Mage in the center of the abyss. Alternatively, you could use the NPC contact spell that’s found in the lunar spellbook and then use this to contact the Dark Mage.

There are a few more things needed for you to obtain the skill. Keep on reading the runecrafting guide.

  • How to get to the Fastest XP (Level 1-9)

You need to give your best at level one runecrafting, which will get you 1000xp as a reward. This will automatically boost you to level 9. Note that this level gives you access to the pouches.

  • How to get to the Fastest XP as from Level 9-23

You will have to complete Eyes of GloughFrie quest and, in turn, get rewarded with 6000xp. This gets you straight to level 23, which sets you up for the quickest method for getting the fastest XP.

  • Getting the fastest XP for level 23-99

Here you are going to use lava runes from level 23 to 99 for you to get the fastest XP possible. You will craft lava runes at the fire altar. You should always bring Magic Imbue and binding necklaces to increase efficiency.

Note that getting your hands on Magic Imbue requires a lot, including the lunar spellbook as well as 82 magic. Alternatively, you could always carry your talisman for every run.

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Once you get to a higher level and get the gist of lava runes, runecrafting serves as an incentive for you to progress in more quests and acquire other RuneScape skills. For instance, at the abyss, runecrafting motivates you to get combat stats as well as mining, thieving, and agility skills.


  • Extremely profitable

Runes made from runecrafting allow you to cast various magic spells that can be sold at the grand exchange, making this skill productive. This skill is especially useful once you get to the higher levels, which have better XP rates. Once you reach a higher level like 44, you could make about 22M runecrafting XP.

Runecrafting has a variety of options. For instance, the ZMI training option which has low requirements and offers a decent amount in profits. The Abyss and Double Natures Abyss offer the most profitable runes.

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  • Slow Skill

Runecraft is a challenging skill to learn hence very time-consuming. It requires the player to move a long distance just to gain XP rates.

  • Low XP Rates

Aside from being slow, most of the levels in between have low XP rates. You, therefore, must get to a decent level to get the highest XP rates.

  • Very Repetitive

Acquiring this skill is very annoying because of its click-intensive requirement. With runecrafting, you are likely to travel with your essence to a particular place. You will then vanish and teleport back to that place only to it all over again.

  • Costly

Getting to the fastest level once you have crafted lava runes is the quickest method for getting the fastest XP. Unfortunately, this method costs you a lot, and you lose quite a bit of money.

Players must spend cash on stamina and energy potions as well as training agility for them to get full graceful gear keeping in mind the long hours required to stock up on this setup.

  • Money-making methods are continually changing

Most updates in RuneScape are made based on player polls. Additionally, another thing about RuneScape is that once players discover a particular trick that makes you money, the stocks ultimately drop after a while.

One example is the death runes, which were profitable a year ago. Unfortunately, since everyone found out about this trick, death runes became less valuable in the grand exchange, and players would lose about 100gp or more.

Finally, it’s my wish that having read this runecrafting guide, you are currently on your way to acquiring thousands of gold pieces and high XP rates in the old school RuneScape.

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