Prayer Guide for Old School Runescape

Prayer is one of the most vital skills in Old School Runescape. You will probably utilize it numerous times throughout the gameplay, so you should strive to get a high Prayer level. This Prayer guide will highlight the best techniques to train your Prayer efficiently and without wasting money or overpaying.


Advantages of Prayer Skill

Prayer is exceptionally beneficial in battles, especially at high levels. You can use it to slay monsters in quests and achieve better drops. Protect from Melee, for example, is an excellent backup for when you battle off against a high-level monster.

If you decide to kill it, Prayer protects you long enough for you to teleport or ensures you do more damage in your combat.

Additionally, Prayer can help you protect an item, boost your maximum hit, or restore your stats faster.


Disadvantages of Prayer

Although Prayer is a relatively fast and easy skill to obtain that has no requirements to start, it is also the most expensive to train to level 99. Most players quit at Level 70 or 74 for Piety and Rigor, respectively.

If you are beginning to train your Prayer, you should use a Prayer guide so you don’t waste your money.


Prayer Skill Training

Your Prayer aims to get the RuneScape gods to use their powers to help you in combat. This means that, as part of the training, you need to pay tribute to them by burying bones. In turn, you get access to powerful prayers that you can use in combat. Also, the number of bones you bury reflects how high your Prayer level rises.

There are several methods of training your Prayer with the most efficiency. This Prayer guide will review the following:

  • Chaos temple altar training
  • Gilded altar training
  • Ensouled heads training
  • Ectofuntus training
  • Free to Play Prayer Training

You are likely to need a decent amount of gold to use these training methods.

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1. Chaos Temple Altar Training

The Chaos Temple Altar in Level-38 Wilderness is one of the fastest ways to train your Prayer. It may help you save large sums of money as there is a 50 percent chance that the bone will not be consumed.

Although the Chaos Altar offers almost the same experience as the Gilded Altar, the temple and its surroundings are in a regular state of multi-combat. You may need to maximize your Magic defense.

Wear cheap defensive gear and bring two or three expensive armor pieces. Your Prayer will also need high-healing food, super restores, and manta rays to survive the ranged attacks and Melee.

The best defense bonuses for this quest include the Dinh’s bulwark, Elysian Spirit Shield, Dragonfire Shield, or Crystal Shield.

Chaos Temple Altar training is ideal for players who wish to save money on training and don’t mind the risk of facing player killers.

Teleport to the Lava Maze using the Burning Amulet. Run to the Chaos Temple, which is west of this location. Get the Elder Chaos Druid nearby to un-note your bones for you at 50 coins per note, then use them on the Altar inside.

A common exit strategy is to plan to die to the chaos fanatic east of the Altar so you can save the items on your inventory.


2. Gilded Altar Training

The best thing about Gilded Altar training is that you don’t have to go to the wilderness. All you need is a pile of noted bones, GP, and a gilded altar with two marble incense burners, which requires a 75 construction level. If you don’t have this, you can offer your bones in a host’s house at the Rimmington or Yanille portals on World 330.

Gilded Altar training yields up to 500,000 experience per hour when the bones are used manually. If you use them automatically, you will only get about 270,000 experience per hour.

The bones with the best cost-to-efficiency ratio are Dragon or Wyvern bones. However, Superior Dragon Bones, although nearly four times costlier than dragon bones, produce more than twice the experience.

Un-note your bones in a house with an NPC just left of the portal at a small fee, or pay runners to do it for you. Next, use the bone on the Altar manually for an accelerated experience or automatically for better AFK.

Once you deplete your bones, run to the bank and repeat.


3. Ensouled Head Training

Ensouled Head training is the cheapest method of Prayer training in this Prayer guide. Reanimating ensouled heads can give you around 145,000 to 180,000 experience per hour, depending on your combat level and weapons. You can also generate a mix of up to 30,000 Magic and combat experiences per hour.

You will need an inventory of ensouled heads, 72+ Magic level, 60 percent Arceuss House favor, medium to high combat stats, fairy ring code, runes, and the Daman/Lunar staff. A rune pouch will also help you save inventory space.

As mentioned, Ensouled Head is cheap. Using a Dragon, the highest-tiered head, saves you more than 30M gold compared to a Dragon on a Gilded Altar.

Use the fairy ring code to teleport near the Dark Alter. Next, use your runes to reanimate the beasts and kill them close to the Altar. When you deplete your inventory, run to the bank and repeat the process.

Revived creatures have a limited health amount of between 5 to 35. You can expect to revive roughly 160 to 220 ensouled heads per hour.

4. Ectofuntus Training

The Ectofuntus is the oldest method of training in this Prayer guide. It was in use long before the Gilded Altar was incorporated into Old School Runescape.

Ectofuntus training yields up to 4 times the experience per bone compared to other methods. Dragon bones, for example, will give you 250,000 experiences per hour.

You may only use Ectofuntus after completing the Priest in Peril quest. It also works better after you finish Ghosts Ahoy and the Medium Morytania Diary.

Grind the sacrifice bones in a pot and combine them with slime. You will need an equal amount of bones and pots. Next, bank your ground bones by using a wearable teleport like the Desert Amulet, Crafting Cape, or Drakan’s Medallion. Click on the Ectophial to teleport back for free.

To obtain slime, you may fill buckets from the basement or buy it from the nearby charter ships, which is faster.

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5. Free to Play Prayer Training

All the above training methods in this Prayer guide are for P2P players. Training your Prayer F2P is extremely costly and will take way longer to achieve 99. An F2P player cannot use experience enhancers, so your only strategy is to bury bones.

If you are playing F2P, you can bury regular bones, bury big bones, or use multi-skill bone training.

Increasing your Prayer skill level is vital to your quests on OSRS. However, without proper techniques, it may turn into an overly expensive venture with slow results.

Use this Prayer Guide to achieve your objectives faster and more efficiently.

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