Skyrim How to sell stolen items

If you’re searching for how to sell stolen items in Skyrim, then here is a 5 methods.

Selling stolen items is not easy due to the stolen tag in the items. Therefore, merchants will not buy it from you.

To sell stolen items in Skyrim, you must complete the introductory Thieves Guild fence mission “Taking care of business.”

Also, the perk “fence” in the Speech Skill Tree would allow you to sell stolen items to selective merchants.

The most profitable option is the third method which is crafting items and then selling them.

It all depends on what you have and what do you want to do.

If you want to know how to get rid of a bounty in Skyrim, here is a guide of all possible ways to do that.


Thieves Guild Fence

riften thieve guild location

If you’re wondering who buys stolen goods in Skyrim, that place is Thieves Guild fence.

And, that is the quickest way to sell stolen items in Skyrim.

Almost every town has a Thieves guild fence. Before you have access to their services, you must complete a mission in the towns where there is a fence. All these missions are a part of the Thieves Guild main storyline.

To start though, Riften would be the first town that has a Thieves Guild fence.

To sell stolen items you must go and speak to Tonilia and she will buy from you all your stolen items.

Once you finish the first quest “Taking care of business,” you will have access to the fence, therefore, you’re going to be able to sell stolen items.

The person who will buy your stolen items is Tonilia, however, there is a cap of 1000 gold. You only going to be able to sell 1000 gold worth of stolen items per in Skyrim days.

If you want that cap higher then you should continue to do more Thieves Guild quest to acquire “Influence.” You can get up to 4000 gold cap available for you to sell. To see the other cities with a Thieves of Guild fence and it’s a mission in Wikia.

Are you a newbie? How do you begin the Thieves Guild quest? There is a couple of ways to trigger the quests.

Go to Riften and speak to Brynjolf. He is a red hair thief Nord. You’ll find him in the Riften marketplace during the day and the Bee and Barb at night.

Once you get close to him, he will come up to you and offer you the quest.

The quest ” A Chance Arrangement” is about stealing Madesi’s Silver Ring and putting the ring into Brand-Shei pockets.

Brynjolf will give you all the instructions on how to steal the ring and how to implant it on Brand-Shei’s pocket.

You can get caught while attempting this, but regardless if you fail, Brynjolf will give you access to the fence.


Speech Skill Tree Perk Fence

fence perk in the speech tree

The Speech perk “Fence” also will allow you to sell stolen items in Skyrim.

This perk says that allows you to sell stolen items to merchants that you have invested in.

Actually, you can sell it to any merchant regardless if you have invested in them or not.

crafting with stolen goods

This method is one of the most profitable methods to make money using stolen items. This method requires stolen material for the use of crafting. Useless stolen goods must be sold in the other two alternative way mentioned above.

If you acquire stolen items like ingots, metal, and plants, you can craft items and potions. Therefore, your crafted items will lose the stolen tag.

You can improve items with the stolen material or you can make potions. This is far more profitable than selling them all the material separately in the fence.

You can also steal gems and enchant items like rings. The items like a ring must not have a stolen tag though.

Level 50 Merchant perk might be necessary to be able to sell.

To get to level 50 fast in the Speech tree, then go to Revyn Sadri’s Used Wares in the Grey Quarter of Windhelm.

He will ask you to bring back Viola Giordano’s ring to him.

The easiest way to get the ring is simply pickpocketing Viola in her house. An alternative method is to pick the master lock.

After you have acquired the ring bring it to Revyn and he will help you train your speech. He’ll help you get up to 50 in Speech.

His training is paid so make sure you have enough money with you or items to sell. He is a merchant so you can get your money back by selling him items that do not use.


Use Mods to  Sell Stolen Items


Mods make complicated games easy!

If you play on PC and having a hard time making money in Skyrim, then mods are the way to go.

Also, you save time and hassles going through the legit methods to sell your stolen items in Skyrim.

Get this mod called “All Merchants Buy Stolen Items (AMBSI) at Skyrim Nexus” at Nexusmods. 

What this mod does, it allows you to sell stolen items to all merchants.

Basically, turning every merchant into a fence.

That easy huh?

Yes, no more running into alleys and outskirts of cities. 

Sell your goods to whoever you want.


How To Remove The Stolen Tag

This is a very easy method.

All you need is a follower.

If you have a follower, all you need to do is make the follower carr “items” and then take them back.

To do this, start by;

Place all the stolen items inside a chest.

Order your follower to take everything inside the chest.

Select “I need you to do something” and select the chest.

After the follower takes all the items inside the chest, talk back and select “I need you to carry some things.”

Take back the items that had stolen tag on it.

That’s it.

All the items stolen tag should be gone!

Can you sell stolen items in Skyrim?

Heck, Yeah!

Do you know more ways to sell stolen items in Skyrim? Yes? Let us know in the comments below. 

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