Sims 4 Highest Paying Jobs

If you’re looking to get the most cash out a job in Sims 4, then here are the highest paying jobs in the game.

Before continuing into the jobs, what do I mean the highest paying job? Is it the highest paying job by the hour, day or weekly?

Well, these things vary a lot and that is why the weekly is the best metric to define the highest paying job in the Sims 4.

Why weekly? There are certain jobs that you may earn high pay but only work a few times a week.

The Diamond Agent earn $4,260 a day (the highest daily pay of all jobs) but only works 3 times a week.

Why not consider hours?

Same reasoning for hours. Some job with high pay per hour but with limited hours. 

The villain is an example, with a $515 per hour but it’s only limited to 5 hours per day.

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The best way to pick a job that pays the most is by calculating the weekly pay due to those variables mentioned above.

If your goal is to make as much money as you can then here the top paying jobs WEEKLY in Sims 4.



Career Name     



Interstellar Smuggler

























Angel Investor$4068$3,2484$12,992
    Secret Agent
Diamond Agent$28415$4,2603$12,780
  Secret Agent
Business Tycoon$3758$3,0004$12,000
Space Ranger$4227$2,9544$11,816
Chief of Staff$28010$2,8004$11,200
   Doctor (GTW)
Scientist (GTW)
Detective (GTW)

GTW*** Sims 4 Get to Work Expansion pack


1. Astronaut: Interstellar Smuggle

The mood that best fit this career is focused and energized. You should really focus on building logic and fitness.

Logic can be acquired by playing chess or/and telescope. Although, you do not need to be fit at first later on in the career, you’ll need to be in an energized mood. By the time, mainly focus on fitness.

To get the last promotion, you’ll need:

  • Level 10 fitness
  • Level 4 Rocket scientist
  • Level 6 Logic
  • Daily Task: Space Mission (You need to have a rocket ship)

The Interstellar Smuggle will pay you more than Space Ranger and gives you the Retro Rocketship.

Max Skills needed for last promotion: Rocket Science (level 4), Fitness (level 10), Logic (level 6)

The Astronaut Career starts with Focused as the ideal mood, but changes later to Energized mood at level 4. You should focus your effort in working out to help you meet the Fitness Skill required later on, and also do your daily tasks of playing Chess to help you build Logic.

You will have a few ways of getting Energized through Fitness when it’s Energized. Utilize Chess to improve your Logic Skill or the telescope and probably work on Space Prints for fun.

You don’t have to select a specialized branch until you get to level 8. When you compare the career tracks available, the Space Ranger and the Interstellar Smuggler branches are pretty similar to each other.

Both branches are extremely similar in Promotion Requirements, unlike the other Careers which are radically different.
The perfect mood for Interstellar Smuggler Branch is Energized. However, all the items you get will provide your Sim with a Confident Aura.

Since the Emotional Aura items will stop working once your Sim gets to work, it hardly matters. But when it comes to Space Ranger, all the reward items will automatically make the Sim confident.

You will get the Alien Juice Drink recipe from this Career to give your Sim a random positive mood after drinking it.


2. Business: Angel Investor

The ideal mood for this career is focused. The best way to gain focus moodlet as an investor is by investing in stocks.

Of course, you can sit and play chess for hours, but if you want to get into investing career and earn more money then doing stock trading as focus training is the best way to go as an investor.

Please note that you may lose money in the stock market training. Like in real life, you may lose money in any kind of stock market training, and the best way to improve is by continuing to develop trade skills.

In the Sims 4 case is the focus moodlets.

If trading is too risky or not into that then you can do chess and computer programming to get the skills you need for the career. 

For the last promotion, you’ll need:

  • Level 8 Charisma
  • Level 10 Logic
  • Research stocks for daily task

The Angel Investor Branch uses Focused as the Ideal Mood. Most players prefer this one from the Management Branch, simply because of its Invest in Stock capacity. Researching Stocks is typically the daily task, and it can offer a +1 FocusedMoodlet once completed.

You will also get the power to invest your money in the Sim’s stock. If you first utilize the Research Stocks capacity and receive the Moodlet, you’ll have better results after investing, though you can also lose some money.
You can receive up to 2.5 times your money or lose a lot and receive back only 20 %, which means there’s a wide range of possibilities. Sims might invest $5,000, $2,000, or $1,000.

In the long run, it’s worth the risk, especially if your Sim comes with the extra Simoleons. Investments can be made every 48 hours.

The Investor items also aid in many other computer-related endeavors, such as building and programming their Logic Skill if you put a Chess board or other Logic-building items in the same room.

One of the easiest ways to get Focused mood before work is to utilize a chess board and consider your moves before the arrival of the carpool.


3. Secret Agent: Supreme Villain

The moodlet for this is focused-based.

Computer programming is the best way to go with this.

This is only of the careers that don’t require too many skills to get a promotion. Although, focus skills are necessary.

You’ll get a mid-sized computer to help with the mischief and the playful aura.

  • Level 6 Mischief
  • Level 10 Logic
  • Daily task – Have mischievous interactions with other Sims.

The Ideal Mood for Villain is focused. Browsing Simipedia on your Computer can assist you with that, as well as playing Chess and drinking Pitch Black tea from the Tea Brewer. This Branch makes considerably more cash when compared to the other Branch, but its auras rewards are Playful.

There is nothing else here apart from a $13k chair, decorative freeze ray, and statue. All the other items are from the initial seven levels of the Secret Agent Career. This branch is easier than the other branch and ultimately has a better selection. What is missing is just a computer. You receive the Secret Agent’s best abilities early on. You can level the Mischief by utilizing a Computer at level 2 to ‘Troll the Forums.’ That will offer consistent Skill gains, compared to using real interactions and receiving small amounts of XP every time.

When you are promoted to Supreme Villain, you will unlock another opportunity to get promoted again. You should learn the 6th level of Programming and the 10th level of Mischief.

You will also have to expose three supervillains, which is pretty easy since it’s another alternative from the mean interactions category. Once promoted to the highest level (11th), you will earn 12875 Simoleons for five days of work each week and five hours every day.


4. Secret Agent: Diamond Agent

Another focus-based career.

You’ll get a mid-size computer along with a chair. The purpose is for a confident aura and romantic skills as its need for the job.

Don’t forget that you will need a tuxedo.

Sounds like this super secret agent is based on the James Bond character as he was great at his job as well with the ladies.

Your final job promotion requires:

  • Level 8 in Charisma
  • Level 8 in Fitness.
  • You also need to have at least 8 friends.

The Ideal Mood for The Diamond Agent is Focused. James Bond inspires this branch because it encourages some Romantic Interactions as one of the Daily Tasks to assist you in advance.

It is easy to get by without doing all that, but you will get promoted faster by doing that. In the past, this Career required 8 Friends to reach the last promotion, although it’s no longer a requirement due to a well-designed patch that made earning promotions pretty easy.

They receive a chair and a mid-range Computer, both postpone a Confident Aura, which helps with Friendly Interactions and Romance and can assist them in building Charisma. The rest will be decorated, but you will also get a nice tuxedo featured in the branch.

In general, this is a pretty simple Career with a couple of attractive bonuses compared to the Villains. However, they require only three days at work, although they are incredibly long shifts, which is currently the longest in any Career.


5. Criminal: Boss

The ideal moodlet for this career is focused.

Handiness Skill is one the most important as it will be a requirement for the top criminal career: Boss.

To get this promotion, you’ll need;

  • Level 10 in Mischief
  • Level 6 Handiness skill
  • As a daily task, you’re asked to upgrade objects as part of the promotion requirement. Handiness would be useful as you can repair things with the skill.

The Search for the Bank Blueprints capacity, found under Web on your Computer and unlocked at level 9, will increase the Mischief Skill of your Sim and offer a +1 Inspired Moodlet for two days.

The best thing about this branch is the easy approach to the level of Mischief when at home without making enemies with your Family. It helps the probability of something such as a bank heist chance happening when at work.

All the rewards you receive for this Career give a Playful Emotional Aura, but being Focused is the ideal mood for a Boss Career. Utilizing a Woodworking Table is among the best methods to level the Handiness Skill of your Sim.

The task switches to ‘upgrade objects’ for the two levels, which synergizes with the new and fast-growing Handiness skill specification. Since object upgrades are important tasks, even if the career is not asking for it, upgrading the objects and gaining work experience will be a win-win situation. The Boss branch is usually the most profitable when it comes to the two branches since it pays more per hour and you will work fewer hours a week.

6. Business: Business Tycoon

For this career, you want to be in a confident mood. Before going to work, brush your teeth or offer another sims office career advice.

To get this promotion, you’ll need

  • Level 10 charisma
  • Level 8 Logic
  • The daily task for this career is to “Make business calls.” These business calls can only be done on work days, not weekends.  If your sim is successful, then the moodlet will be confident; otherwise, it will be embarrassed.

The Management Branch of the Business Career features some Confident Aura items, which are suitable for the Career but not pretty useful for obtaining progress since they don’t work when you are away from the room. However, they might assist with the success rate of Making Business Calls, which can only be done from 8 PM to 8 AM on Weekdays, which means your Sim should do them after working hours. Making business calls can assist you in getting promotions faster as long as you have met the required skills.

Sims that make successful calls might get +2 Embarrassed Moodlet or a Confident depending on their success or failure at the sale. It is more important to complete them than bothering to make them.

You can do them after working hours so that there’s no opportunity of going to work entirely embarrassed and risking a freak accident or emotional death. To get Confident before Work, you can Psych Self Up utilizing a mirror or brushing their teeth using your Sim. You cannot Make Business calls on the weekends.

7.  Astronaut: Space Ranger

The ideal emotion for this career is energized.

Max Skills needed for last promotion:

  • Rocket Science level 4
  • Fitness level 10
  • Logic level 6
  • The daily task is “Space Mission.” You’ll need a rocket ship to complete the daily task.

You don’t have to select a specialized branch until you reach level 8. The Space Ranger and the Interstellar Smuggler branches are similar in this career. Both of them have energized moods, they require similar skills to progress, and both of them need flying missions, which are their daily task.

Ultimately, the major difference between the career branches is the selection of more free time or money. The Interstellar Smuggler gets a lot more every week when compared to the Space Ranger, only because they usually work for more hours. Space Ranger will be a better choice if more free time is essential.

The ideal Mood for the Space Ranger Branch is Energized. Athletic Sims becomes energized fairly often, which is a great feature for the Career. You can also attain this Emotion going by having a Brisk Shower shortly before work.

Unfortunately, the Reward Items for this Career will make your Sim Confident. The Space Energy Drink Recipe will also Energize your Sim, which is beneficial for enhancing Career Performance. It’s wise to max Fitness early on, to have more time to carry out Space Missions immediately after work.

8. Doctor: Chief of Staff

The Doctor career is one of the three active careers. It is part of the Sims 4 Get to Work Expansion, which allows you to go to your sim’s job and perform it.

To get the best results and move up the ranks quickly, do the following:

  • Going to work with positive emotion.
  • The standard completes the Daily Task.
  • High relationship with co-workers
  • Logic and handiness skill are the most important skills you’ll use. Logic is useful for X-ray machines and chemical analyzers. Handiness is useful for upgrading and repairing equipment with better results.

This is a career has a lot of tasks so you’ll be always busy. Make sure that you always have a positive mood and keep up your skills.

The Doctor career presents one of the three active careers in the Get to Work Expansion Pack of Sims 4 where you can follow your Sims to their workplace. Your Doctor Sim can work at the hospital and also make some house calls. You will begin as a Medical Intern, and you can climb to the Chief of Staff position. By leveling up in this career, you will unlock objects, clothing, and a Sickness Resistance Trait as well.
When your Sims reaches a higher rank in the Doctor career, you can unlock career rewards like an eye chart, a Diploma, and a Sim’s Skeleton Model. Doctor Sims can also unlock some new interactions like giving medical advice, new romantic interactions, ‘check for fever’, and determining if the pregnant Sim will have a baby girl or a baby boy.

The rarified height of the Chief of Staff profession is the peak of expert medical training and knowledge. Your lucrative talents will get wasted on the biggest challenges of all theoretical diagnostics as well as overseeing the whole hospital complex.


  • Doctor’s Career Styled Room
  • 1,720 Simoleons
  • A pay of 280 Simoleons every Hour
  • 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM as Work Hours
  • Work Days: Friday, Thursday, Tuesday, and Monday

9. Science: Mad Scientist

This career is also part of the Sims 4 Get to Work Career expansion pack.

This career is a science lab, and you’ll conduct science experiments and create new inventions.

To move the ranks quickly and fast, make sure you always complete the following;

  • Going to work with positive emotion.
  • Complete the Daily Tasks.
  • Maintain a good relationship with co-workers.
  • Learn and level up the Logic Skill to get a better result if you are analyzing samples on the Chemical Analyzer.
  • Level up the Handiness Skill for equipment breakdown and upgrades.

The Scientist Career is an exciting new Active Career in the Getting to Work Expansion Pack. While on the job, you will do lots of science activities and unlock new serums and inventions, upgrade your SimRay, and order your co-workers around.

You will find lots of lab coats and other accessories to unlock for your Sims in CAS as you get promotions, and you will gradually obtain the ability to go to Sixam, an Alien World in Sims.

A lot of small things can happen while at work; for instance, there are collecting days and other days when Aliens infiltrate the lab. On the collecting days, you will learn of the numerous valuable items on the lot of the Science Lab.

Gathering the plants in the Science lab, you can receive the needed ten collectibles pretty easily. These plants must be tended more often if you want to utilize them because they can easily die.

Scientists can earn lots of money utilizing the upgraded version of the SimRay. Its transform feature effectively transforms objects into many variants. Sometimes a similar type, sometimes not. However, when you begin with an inexpensive object and then transform it, you are almost assured of having something incredibly valuable to sell in the buy mode.

If you are running behind on your day’s performance, you can choose to stay late. However, ensure that you stay behind until your shift comes to an end because you will get a hefty penalty on your performance for leaving early even when your work is done.

10. Detective: Chief

This career is also part of the Sims 4 Get to Work Career expansion pack. You will be working with the Police as a detective.

You’ll be assigned to cases, interrogation and crime solving. That means you will be traveling to places like crime scenes. There you will be looking for clues to solve the crime.

To move the ranks quickly and fast, make sure you always complete the following;

  • Going to work with positive emotion.
  • Complete the Daily Task.
  • Maintain a good relationship with Co-workers.
  • Learn and level up the Logic Skill to get a better result if you are analyzing samples on the Chemical Analyzer.
  • Level up the Handiness Skill for equipment breaks down and upgrades.

In the Detective Career, the Police Station is typically at the center of the career. You will begin by picking up new cases, interrogating suspects and working with fellow officers to solve different crimes. You will begin as a Cadet and climb all the way to become the Chief of Police. Leveling up this career will enable you to unlock lots of Buy Mode objects such as sofas, chairs and a bed as well.

Inside the Police Station

You will go to the Police station once you are called into work. Here, you will have the choice to manage your Sim at home or join your Sims on their workday. The Police Station is the central hub for detective and police activity. You cannot go anywhere near the Police Station if you are not on the job.
 To improve your career performance, you begin your workday by being better or Happy by being Focused. To achieve this, you should browse Simpedia on your Computer at home to get a +1 Focused mood for 4 hours.

Moreover, you can also utilize cheats to get a +2 Focused mood for 12 hours.

Completing your Daily Tas

Go to work with a focused and positive emotion

Maintaining good relationships with Co-workers

Learn the Logic Skill and level it up to obtain better results if you are evaluating samples using the Chemical Analyzer.

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Follow the career path of your real passion. If you follow a career path that you’re disinterested just for the money, then like in real life, you’re not going to enjoy it.

Almost all the career path pays well at the top of the ranks, so money is not to be an issue.

Or, you can explore a different career path to see which one you like the most.

However, the best experience is taking a career path that relates to one.

Do you already know which career you’re going for? Let us know in the comment below. Also, if we missed anything, don’t be shy to let us know.

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