How to get rid of money in Sims 4

In Sims 4 with a lot of money, you pretty much can do it all if not most.

Mods and cheats code really facilitate money issues in all sense of the word.

The cheat would give literally money, making things cheaper with mods and make thing free among others.

However, if you are one the few that prefer to play legit and challenge yourself then you are probably asking how to get rid of all your money in Sims 4.

The best part about this issue is that money in Sims kind of work like real life.

Or, you can use cheats and mods that would help get your bank account in the double digits.

Here all the ways on how to get rid of money in the Sims 4.

Get rid of money in Sims 4 by spending money on expensive items, by raising the bills, use mods and cheat codes. Get fired from your job intentionally and stop all your income.

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Spend Money on Expensive Stuff

sims 4 arson

A self-explanatory task.

Go out there and spend your money on really expensive things like tree, artwork, furniture, etc.

You should try to keep all those expensive items indoor for just in case you want to get rid of it.

You can go to ways about this.

You could keep all the items you bought or you can get rid of and start fresh.

The best method of disposing of items to simply start a fire.

Kids do not do this at home.

Just make sure you don’t have any insurance on the house and you should be able to get rid all those expensive goodies.

If you don’t want to get rid of your stuff, then simply buy expensive items and then store them in your inventory.

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Raise the Bills & Cheat Codes
sims 4 paying bills

Another way to decrease your wealth is by simply increasing bills.

The Legacy Challenge would help a lot with this method.

The challenge is all about making things harder and expensive too.

Ways to increase bill would be moving in into an expensive luxury place.

A bigger house means you going to have more expenses like light and water bills.

Have babies or increase the number of sims in your house. Hire a lot of maids since you won’t be cleaning your own bathroom.

There is a cheat that would force you to pay bills at the spot.

The cheat is “households.force_bills_due“.

Just make sure you have testingcheats active.

Yes, Mods Helps Too

MC Command Center mod has an option that would allow you to control the percentage of your bills. You can set the bills as high as you can afford or even higher and that would make you homeless real quickly.

Another way would be, using this mod, transferring all you expensive recent acquire inventory to a new household.

You can also give money away to another sim using this mod.

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Fastest way are Cheats

This is literally the fastest way to decrease your wealth is by using cheats.

The cheat is very simple – money ().

Just put int he amount of money you want without the ().

Make sure you have cheats enable before trying this.

To do that just do – “testingcheats true”.

This other cheat would allow you to decrease existing money. sims.modify_funds (-x).

The X is the amount of money you want to decrease from your bank.

Get Fired From Your Job!!

This may not be a direct way to make you go broke. However, with little to no income coming in, your expense will add up quickly. therefore reaching out of the savings.

Various ways to do it by getting fire. Not showing up to work would be the best idea. Definitely showing bad at work moody and not well rested is another way to get fired.

Another way would be getting a demoted. This method wouldn’t be too fast emptying your pockets but its another way to decrease your income.

Do engage with any personal business such as writing books, painting, etc. Do not do anything you can sell.

Do you have more ways on how to get rid of money in Sims 4? Let us know in the comment below. Also, check out more tricks and tips articles here.

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