Best Greatsword in Dark Soul 2

Dark Soul 2 is a part of the dark soul trilogies, and most players think that this game is like that middle child in the family. This best greatsword is a wonderful Dark Souls game, which gives users essential Dark Souls experience as it has the most iconic and epic battles with a generous selection of unique weapons for the game. Some of the weapons in this Dark Soul game can be obtained through a combination of skills and winning quests. Here are some unique greatswords armors that can enable you to overcome adversary when playing this game.


Scimitar and Shortsword

The Scimitar and the shortsword are the weapons resting on the neck of your player, and they resemble bloated flagpoles. Both of them add you one point each when you choose to use them against the enemy, and the swords have two blades that you can use to inflict damage to the opponent.

When you press the play tabs on the weapons, it could spin in orbit in the hands of your player, and you can use it to stab the enemy. The weapon can be infused with magic to give you 147 physical damage, 157 magic damage, and 187 fire and lightning damage

This is a starter weapon for the hunter, and you will acquire it once you start the game; moreover, you can buy it from the Male Undead Merchant for 600 souls. You can also collect the armor from drops of the sword-wielding Hollow Warriors.

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The Halberd is one of the best greatswords in this Dark Souls, and it takes pride in its speed, the movement of this weapon feels sharp and neat. This weapon ca hit hard, which shifts all but the heaviest armor bodies on impact.

It is best used on a weaker enemy as it can hit them with a powerful blow that can make them fall. When you use the Halberd, you get two additional points that help you regain strength and help you move forward with the game. The armor has 175 thrust abilities, with 40 shield powers and 10 lightning, and you could require to have 20 strength to use this weapon.

Halberds are dropped by halberd-welding Hollow soldiers found in the Forest of Fallen Giants. You can also find a halberd on lying corpses at the end of the collapsed pillar behind the Old Ironclad Soldier in the Forest of Fallen Soldiers. Alternatively, you can buy the halberds at the Blue Sentinel Targray using 2500 souls.


Heide Knight Swords and Longswords

This weapon gives a player the ability to subdue the enemy with the main focus on the boss moves as the weapon mostly rests on the arms of the player. You can use this weapon against bizarre beings in the game, such as humanoids who could be pressing and keeping you on the back foot.

You can snick in the nicks with the Heide Sword to subdue these enemies. The weapon has 75 sword powers, 50 shields, 30 lightning, and 35 fire, and you could need 11 strengths and 10 powers to use it.

The swordsmiths drop Heide knight swords at the Forest of Fallen Giants, and you can get them also at the King’s Door and the Bonfire intensity near the Forest of Fallen Giants.


Curved Greatswords

The weapon is a huge Curved Greatsword that gives you one point, and it is one of the greatest weapons in this Dark Souls game. This weapon, however, lacks the reach, and most players would expect from a weapon this size.

It is long-ranged for special attack reminiscent of the Dark Souls, which can cause great damage to the opponents when they least expect it. The weapon has 160 strike powers, 60 shield powers, 40 fire powers, and could require 18 strengths to use.

You can trade the Ancient Dragon Soul to get a curved greatsword at a Weaponsmith Ornifex.

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Smelter Hammer

The Smelter hammer is one of the biggest weapons in the game, and you need a better weapon to crush the enemy. You could need seventy points to use this weapon on the one hand, and most attacks on the enemy could result in staggering if it does not knock down the enemy completely.

Players should take it upon themselves to test and use this weapon whenever they get an opportunity as it has 60 poise damage, 40 stability, 300 durabilities and weighs 35 and it can be used with spells

The Smelter Hammer drops at the Iron Warrior using the bleed mace outside the Bonfire Fume Knight. You also encounter the weapon at Crown of the Old Iron King.


Ultra Greatsword

You could confuse the sword for a club wroth from a statue, but this is one of the best greatswords for this Dark Souls. The weapon tends to knock off opponents with its powerful strikes. The greatswords can inflict pain on the opponent by cutting through their bodies, causing harm. The weapon has 50 poise, 130 counter strength, 70 durabilities, and weighs 22.

You can obtain the weapon form drops of the ironsmiths at the Forest of the Fallen Soldiers. You can also trade other weapons such as those from the beginning of the game to get this weapon.

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Moonlight Greatsword

Stats Requirements

· 18 Intelligence.

· 18 Dexterity.

· 18 Strength.

Are you finding it challenging to choose the best Greatsword for your build? If yes, then Moonlight Greatsword or MLGS will be your best shot. It is without a doubt one of the best Greatswords In Dark Souls 2.

Although it might not be the fastest or the most potent weapon in the game, it is known to be very useful in so many builds, making it a highly reliable weapon in Dark Souls 2. Did I mention that MLGS’s special attack throws long-ranged beams?

You might as well say that Moonlight Greatsword is an ultra Greatsword in disguise, and it consumes a relatively high amount of stamina; however, it is relatively faster than most weapons in Dark Souls 2.

In addition to that, when working on an intelligent build, you should consider getting two of these highly reliable greatswords. Then go ahead and infuse one with magic and the second one with enchanted. By doing so, you will end up with the two most potent and pure weapons in the game. One is for dealing with the physical, and the other one deals with magical damage. The best part is that you can always choose one to use depending on your situation.

However, you should note that a beam attack of an enchanted weapon will do no damage. To get a Moonlight Greatsword, you will need to trade your old Paledrake soul along with the other 10,000 souls to Weaponsmith Ornifex.

King’s Ultra Greatsword

Stats Requirements

· 10 Dexterity.

· 50 Strength.

You can be forgiven for seeing this Greatsword and mistaking it for a club wrought from the statue; however, you rest assured that the King’s Ultra Greatsword is classified under Ultra Greatsword. You will acquire this weapon through trading King Vendrick’s soul with Weapon Ornifex.

The King’s Ultra Greatsword tends to knock the opponent around like a ragdoll with its highly powerful strikes. Some of the top-notch features the King’s Ultra Greatsword offers include its incredible durability, which means that it rarely breaks even over an extended venture between repairs.

In addition to that, the King’s Ultra Greatsword features high damage reduction along with stability scores. This means that it can sort of double your shield in a pinch, as long as the elemental damage is not in the equation.

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Fume Ultra Greatsword

Stats Requirements

  • 28 Dexterity.
  • 28 Strength.

Fume Ultra Greatsword is a weapon forged by the Weapon Ornifex from the souls of the Fume Knight boss. This is found in the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC. The hulking two-hander looks very intimidating as well.

Furthermore, the stats needed to wield it are without a doubt very brutal; the weapon requires significant investment in not only strength but also dexterity. As a result, the Fume Ultra Greatsword is almost exclusive to high-quality builds.

Adding to the high statistical necessities, the Fume Ultra Greatsword is ridiculously heavy. The weapon weighs a staggering twenty-eight units. If you manage to work it into the build, you will see the immense payoff when it comes to damage since this weapon’s base damage is excellent, and it is known to have the S rating when it comes to strength scaling.

Since Fume Ultra Greatsword is a block, a guard break will stop your attack and get you stunned when timed well. Furthermore, coupling the Fume Ultra Greatsword ability to block an attack while having high poise and attacking will allow you to absorb two hits with utmost ease from your opponent without having to disrupt the attack animation. This tends to be very essential in PvP.

Due to Fume Ultra Greatsword’s high stability along with reasonable durability and a decent reduction apart from magic, this weapon’s guard is without a doubt very superior to most weapons. Its major weakness, however, is the lack of horizontal swing.

Pursuer’s Ultra Greatsword

Stats Requirements

  • 18 Dexterity.
  • 30 Strength.
  • It can be buffed with resin or magic.

Referred to as the mightiest of straight swords, the Pursuer’s Ultra Greatsword requires excellent strength along with the dexterity of its wielder. This weapon hunts down those branded by the curse as if the undead souls it claims will atome one of his sins.

Among the first boss, you will fight in Pursuer is a hulking suit of armor equipped with a devastating weapon as well as a shield. Fortunately, the Pursuer’s Ultra Greatsword lives more up to its name. This weapon has an A scaling when it comes to strength, along with 273 base damage without an upgrade. This weapon is known to pack a serious punch.

You do not have to invest in anything to make this weapon shine in early to the mid of the game; however, it will start carving through foes as you start investing in your strength stats. By obtaining 40 strength along with upgrading your blade to a +5 is sufficient to carry any build through New Game as well as the New Game+.

Moreover, quality builds will also benefit significantly from this Greatsword. Considering that early players can find this weapon, a Pursuer’s Ultra Greatsword is necessary for a melee character. To obtain the Pursuer’s Ultra Greatsword, one must trade 1,500 souls along with the Soul of Pursuer with Straid of Olaphis.

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Majestic Greatsword

Stats Requirements

  • 28 Dexterity.
  • 28 Strength.

At first, the Majestic Greatsword appears to be a generic Greatsword with nothing special to it. But it is until you wield this Greatsword in your left hand that you will understand its power and potential.

The Majestic Greatsword will transform you into a spinning top that will go in all directions, and it also offers a scaling bonus. If you haven’t got it yet, Majestic Greatsword is a weapon of Artois from Dark Souls 1.

When you wield it in your left hand, this Greatsword allows you to perform spinning sweeps and jump slashes that will knock your enemies down like a bowling pin. Adding to that, power standing thus with Ivory Straight Sword in the right-hand makes the ISS emit beams as you spin, making all of your attacks flashier.

To get the Majestic Greatsword, you will need to go to Brume Tower, where you will find a metal chest in the same area where Maldron the Assassin will invade you.

Best greatswords can help you subdue your enemy and help you emerge victorious in the Dark Souls 2. You should choose an armor that can help you overcome the enemy, and you can choose swords, hammers, and shields to kill your enemies. Some of these weapons can be obtained as a starter weapon at the beginning of the game.

Moreover, you can sell other weapons to exchange with other superior weapons, and you can also trade weapons with superior ones. Sometimes you can take part in battles to get compensation, which can be in the form of a weapon. Let us know if our picks of the Best Greatsword in DS2 by sharing it.

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