Best Gifts in Dark Soul 2 you Should Try

Are you a gamer? Then you are aware that gifts are starting inventory items you ought to select from in the process of creating your character. To get the most out of your game, you should choose your gift wisely since they provide a temporary advantage in the game. This article explores the best gifts in Dark Soul 2. After going through this report, you will be informed about which gifts you should look out to make your gaming experience more fun and exciting. Such gifts include;


1. Human Effigy

The human effigy is one of the best gaming gifts in the game. This gift removes any existing penalties to your health bar caused by deaths while hollow. With this gift, you turn human; thus, it increases the chances of getting attacked. There are no direct multiplayer interactions since it can be burned at the bonfire.

Contrary to other gifts, human effigy does not replenish your health. Human effigy can be acquired as a starting gift. You may also obtain it in a chest upstairs in the seer’s hut, Forest of the Fallen Giants, and molten rock near the first bonfire in the iron keep, in Belfry Sol or a corpse in the Dragon’s Sanctum on the spike staircase among other places.

You may also purchase this gift from Merchant Hag Melentia in Cardinal, Grave Warden Agdayne or Magerold of Lanafir.

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2. Life Ring

You will also find Life Ring among the best gifts in DKS2. Players are allowed to equip up to a maximum of four rings. Your rings can be repaired by a blacksmith but cannot be upgraded. Upgrading your rings is possible in the course of the game from bosses, chests, or corpses. As a starting gift, you can obtain a life ring in a crate in the Forest of Fallen Giants.

You may also get +1 in the Iron Keep at the far-left corner at the top of the ladder. In Shrine of Amana on the left wall before the passage, you get +2. In the Brume Tower is where you will find +3 inside a door in an iron chest to the right.

The ring is helpful when using the Bewitched Alonne Sword buff. If you pick the Life Ring, remember to equip the gift since your character will not be wearing it automatically, like other gifts.


3. Homeward Bone

Homeward bone is another kind of consumable gift in DKS2. If used, this gift will return you to the last bonfire where you had a rest without losing any souls. Although this gift can be useful in fleeing a boss battle, it makes you quite vulnerable during animation.

Homeward bone, if obtained, can reveal if you have been attacked by darkening out. This gift can be found at Sweet Shalquoir in Majula, where you can buy up to ten such gifts at six hundred shillings each.

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4. Seed of a Tree of Giants

The Seed of a tree of giants also counts as one of the game’s best gaming gifts. This gift prompts enemies to react with invaders. The seed of a tree of giants falls for a single-use item that gets depleted when used. You should be aware that this gift attacks blue sentinels that are likely to come to your aid if called upon if you are in the Way of the Blue Covenant.

You can find one seed at the beginning. After several requirements, you may find the gift in the arms of the dead giant adjacent to the Soldier’s Rest bonfire in Forest of Fallen Giants. You can quickly obtain the seeds by checking all the giant trees. You may also prompt the spawn by dying against a dark phantom continuously.


5. Bonfire Ascetic

Bonfire ascetic also makes it to our list of best gifts in Dark Soul 2. With this gift, you should be aware than any ascetic you burn in a bonfire will carry on to the next playthrough. Using a Bonfire Ascetic will not respawn NPCs or Estus Flasks Shards. However, this gift will respawn wooden chests and items that are lying on the ground.

Although Bonfire intensity caps at 99, you can still burn ascetics past 99 to respawn the boss. When you are resting at a bonfire, pick “Burn” then select Bonfire Ascetic. Use this gift with caution because it is irreversible. If you beat a boss when eight Ascetics have been used on its bonfire will change its corresponding flame on Cale’s world map to blue. This gift can also be used to get items and respawn bosses only in NG+ or higher.

Bonfire Ascetic can be obtained as a gift when you create a new character. You can find another on a corpse in Brightstone Cove Tseldora after the ladder, Shrine of Amana, Dragon Shrine, Undead Crypt, Rise of the Dead bonfire, or the Lost Bastille among other locations in the game. Because the word Ascetic means unrelenting or cruel, you are likely to encounter who displays the same fiery qualities if you choose this gift.

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6. Petrified Something

Petrified Something is a type of consumable gift in DKS2. With this gift, you can trade with Dyna and Tillo for any random high-tier item you like. Its locations include Things Betwixt after lighting all the scones or among the starting gifts when you make a character.

You may also find this gift in the Forest of The Fallen Giants, a rare drop from Mimics, the Upper Earthen Peak’s bonfire, or the dragons in Dragon Aerie. Beware that Dyna and Tillo will not accept stacked stones. Nonetheless, you may drop several individual rocks one at a time to receive all the rewards once.

Gaming is fascinating, and that is why they can be classified as addictive. Besides knowing to play, playing well grants more satisfaction. With gifts, you can enhance your gaming skills and tact. Various gifts in Dark Soul 2 have unique characteristics.

If you have a hard time choosing a bonus, the list, as mentioned earlier, will help you choose appropriately and give you world-class gaming experience.

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