Best Bows in Dragon Age Inquisition

To have the best strategies for defeating revenant enemies, you are supposed to use the best bows. Depending on the type of bow you may prefer to use, there is a wide range of tactics available. Using the best bow with a unique effect ensures that any basic attacks you use to combat your enemies do additional damage in a small area around your target.

The damage weakens your enemy, increasing your chances of flourishing. To know the best bows, their features, and what makes them successful combating weapons, read the article below.


Elgar’nan Enaste

The Elgar’nan Enaste is the best bow you can use when playing Dragon Age Inquisition. It is a schematic bow. The Elgar’nan Enaste is also known as the All-Father, He Who Overthrew His Father or the Eldest of the Sun.

The Elgar’nan Enaste grants the fire blessing, and the Suns-death burn the ground under your gaze.

The Elgar’nan Enaste has a damage of 24 Metal. It operates under a DPS of 139-158-180-188. Its 20 Leather Offense and 12 Leather Utility and Masterwork Explosive Arrows make it the best bow in Dragon Age Acquisition.

The weapon is not Varric but Rogue only. The bow can leave damage of up to 123–140–159–166. It has +8 Cunning and +21 Dexterity.

The arrows it fires are explosive.

– How to Obtain Elgar’nan Enaste Bow

The Elgar’nan Enaste schematic is looted in the Inverted Ward section of the Shattered Library from a chest behind the purple flames. To have it, you are only required to be in Level 7 of the game. The Elgar’nan Enaste is located in Undercroft, Skyhold.

It requires a trespasser to unlock its use. It might also be a reward for possible random trials.

Among the famous users of the bow include the first of the elven gods, born of the sun and the earth; the God of Vengeance.

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Aggressive Bow

Another bow one can use to combat enemies is an Aggressive Bow. The Aggressive Bow is a common bow that can cause damage of 49-51 DPS.

-Aggressive Bow Stats

The Aggressive bow can be found with Firm Bow Grip with a +4 Dexterity or Rugged Bow Grip with a +4 Willpower. One can have the weapon when they are at Level 1 of the game. However, it is a level 5 item.

It has a DPS of 49-51, and it is Rogue, not Varric. The bow has empty runes. The weapon can only be enhanced up to 3% Attack.

The Aggressive Bow can be acquired by looting. You are not required to be at any location or level of the game to unlock the use of the Aggressive Bow.


Hakkon’s Wrath Bow

The Hakkon’s Wrath Bow is a tier 4 bow unique schematic from the Jaws of Hakkon DLC. Its DPS is 139-158-180-188. You can use the weapon to avoid the dragonling waves summoned periodically by Hakkon.

Unlike all other bows you can use in Inquisition, Hakkon’s Wrath is uniquely made in the sense that it does not have bowstrings.

The Hakkon’s Wrath can cause damage of 123–140–159–166. It does not have any upgrade slots, and its ruins are empty. The Hakkon’s Wrath can be used by Rogues in Level 22 only and not Varric.

The weapon has a damage of 24 Metal, 20 Leather offense, and one masterwork. Additionally, Hakkon’s Wrath has a +16 Cold Damage and a +50% Armor Penetration.

Its +8% Heal on Kill and +41% Stagger on Hit make it a powerful weapon for battling enemies.

The Hakkon’s Wrath bow is looted from the Ice Giant Frostback Basin. To acquire it, Jaws of Hakkon are required. The weapon comes with Master Frost Rune (+16% Cold Damage)

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Longbow of the Griffon

The Longbow of Griffon is an Item Level 21 Unique Bow that has 166-172 DPS. What makes the bow unique in Acquisition is that it fires three arrows simultaneously. When the bow is fired at close range, it inflicts severe damage against larger enemies you encounter, for example, an ogre or dragon.

The projectiles fired spread out similar to those of a shotgun blast.

The Longbow of Griffon requires a level 18 player. It can cause damage of 147-152. Its runes are empty and have no upgrade slots. The bow is restricted to Rogue only and cannot be used in Varric.

The Longbow of Griffon is available in Multiplayer. It has +11% Armor Penetration and 42% Attack. When you are attacking, the Longbow of the Griffon fires three shots at a go.

The Longbow of the Griffon is looted from a chest in the Temple of Mythal while following the Elven Sentinel to the Well of Sorrows.

Having the Longbow of the Griffon requires the inquisitor to ally with the Sentinels.


Ornate Longbow

The Ornate Bow is a Level 12 weapon categorized among the common bows. The bow can be found with a Balanced Longbow Grip with +9 Willpower, Ornate Longbow Grip with +6 Dexterity, or Masterwork Jagged Longbow Grip of +9 Constitution.

The bow requires the player to be Level 9. It is restricted to Rogue only; hence Varric users cannot use the weapon. The weapon has empty runes and 15% Armor Penetration.

Its DPS is 78-81 and has damage of 69-72.

The Ornate Longbow can be acquired through looting. However, Masterwork Ornate Longbow, a tier 2 bow schematic, can only be obtained after unlocking the Rogue Schematics Inquisition Perk.

When one has to play Dragon Age Inquisition, knowing the best bows to use is very important. Understanding how you can use each of them to its maximum potential is also crucial. By having all the knowledge, one can combat different enemies, including ogres and monsters, easily and emerge victoriously.

The advanced features available in some of the best bows help you increase the enemy’s chances of total battling down.

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