Best companions in Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition continues to stand out due to its ability to engage players so actively. This could largely be attributable to the characters that walk through the journey with you. With each having such unique attributes and benefits, it can be difficult to know which the best companions are. Our article below gives you our top picks.

Best Companions in Dragon Age Inquisition


Dorian Pavus

What will like – moral fortitude and good-natured

Dorian is a Tevinter Mage whose moral fortitude adds to the power he already has. He left a wealthy background to become an agent of change in a world that was quickly losing its grasp on what was important.

Dorian Pavus is a human Altus mage, and Dragon Age potential companion. For a masculine investigator, Dorian Pavus is a romance option. Dorian Pavus is the envy of his peers due to demonstrating a flair for magic from an early age. He is born from the respected Line Pavus of Qarinus of the reknown Tevinter Imperium.

Dorian Pavus is a self-assured man born while having magical virtuosity. Since his ideals and morals hardly line up with the rest of the general populace or his family, he is considered a pariah.

You can acquire Dorian Pavus after the Inquisitor has arrived at Skyhold. Here, you can find Dorian in his library on the rotunda’s second floor. To recruit him for your missions, you are supposed to engage him in conversations that will eventually lead to having him or not.

The quests you are allowed to use Dorian include Dorian’s Request, Hushed Whispers, One Less Venatori, the Name of Our Enemy, House Amladaris, and A friend in Qarinus. Dorian Pavus is located in Redcliffe Chantry and Hinterlands.

With his magical powers, Dorian Pavus will be of help in defending you from different enemies and attacks as you pursue your mission

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What we like – dependable and the voice of reason

Solas is that odd friend that you find yourself turning to every time. You meet this charming elf mage early on in the game, and can’t help but admire how strongly and proudly he stands by his lineage.

He also has a thirst for knowledge and understanding and ends up being the voice of reason that you can count on. In combat, you can count on him to use magic, whether in ice or spirit form to help fight your enemies.

Solas is known to serve as a protagonist of Dragon Age before the revelation that he is a true villain of the DLC Trespasser and Fen’Harel. Solas is responsible for the modern elves plight. Soals is always going to treat the Inquisitor with care and respect.

The quest to have Solas is initiated by communicating to him in Skyhold after the Inquisitor has earned enough approval to be friends with him and visited the Fade with him.

You will find Solas shortly after the opening of the Breach near the Temple of Sacred Ashes. He is found fighting demons with Varric Tethras and some Inquisition soldiers.

Solas is known to do everything for his people. During the day of Arlathan, Solas protected slaves from Evanuris


Cassandra Pentaghast

What we like – reliable and trustworthy

Reliable, tough, and trustworthy are just some of the ways you can describe the human warrior Cassandra. You meet her at the very beginning of Dragon Age. She is on a path of trying to find out what series of events led to losing her life.

Over time, her character starts to develop as she stands by you through the hardest battles. She brings perspective and conviction into the meaning of friendship and a helping hand when you need it.

Among the quests you will need to carry Cassandra Pentaghast with you include Guilty Pleasures, Promise of Destruction, Locate the Missing Seekers, the Ideal Romance, Unfinished business, and Support Cassandra.

To access Cassandra, you are supposed to go to Redcliffe Castle and take mages as conscripts, then go to Therinfal Redoubt and form an alliance with the Templars. Say that you will be a “servant of faith” when you become Inquisitor.

Being a profoundly pious individual, Cassandra mainly approves Inquisitors who express a belief in the Maker and the Chantry teachings. To get Cassandra’s approval, you should respect her because she is a passionate fighter, a Seeker, and a Warrior.

Afterward, you have to say that you believe in the Maker a few times so that Cassandra can ask to know about your religious beliefs. After this step, reassure her and ask for her opinion.



What we like – outspoken yet funny.

Sera is that friend you know who will always tell you the truth. She is an elven rogue who is outspoken, yet funny and never seems to take any situation seriously.

You may not initially like her, but the more you take time to know her, the more you start to see her good qualities.

She can be difficult and hard to please, but in battle, she is fast, a master archer, and has some special abilities that you can use in your favor. Who wouldn’t want that in their team when the going gets tough?

You will see Sera when you first find all the three handkerchiefs that have a map marker to direct you to Sera. To recruit Sera, you must gain approval on several quests or go to places where she is physically located.

Here is how you can gain the approval of Sera;

  • Recruiting Corporal Vale.
  • Meeting her at Redcliffe Castle

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Iron Bull

What we like – Wise and loyal.

Iron Bull is a descendant of the Qunanri, and a warrior. He is a party animal and makes no apologies for his character. To get him to be a companion, you will receive a special quest for his recruitment at the Storm Coast.

He is a true embodiment of masculinity and does not shy away from aggressive situations. You will quickly learn to depend on him due to his wisdom. He is also a worthy companion on the battlefield, making him a top contender for best companions in Iron Age Inquisition.

The Iron Bull is a one-eyed Qunari trailblazer of the Bull’s Chargers and one of the members of the Ben-Hassrath. Not only is he a potential companion, but also a romance option for either a female or male Inquisitor. You can find him at the Storm Coast as a Reaver.

You are supposed to head to the Storm Coast from where you will see a battle down on a beach from the first camp to have him as a companion. Go to where the war is and attack the hostile ones in the group.

After the hostiles are all dead, you will have a conversation with iron Bull and decide to have him and his gang members to the Inquisition.

You will trigger the Iron bull Quest by talking with Iron Bull about Ben-Hassrath and having a drink with him.


The Mabari Hound

What we like – Man’s best friend.

The Mabari hound is the exemplification of why dogs command the title ‘man’s best friend.’ He will follow you through your journey and is an invaluable companion when you are in some tough situations. Surely one of the best companions you could hope for.

You already possess your own Mabari, and you will not have the quest at the king’s camp if you are of Human Noble Origin. However, you still have a chance of acquiring it by plucking a Wilds Flower to trigger a cut scene where Daveth claims that Kennel Master has offered a gift for it.

You are likely to encounter a lot of hostile Mabaris throughout the Storm Coast. The Mabari Hound quest gives the Warden the chance to have a friend for life. The Kennel Master located at Ostagar calls for help with a Mabari, a hound that has been bred for combat ability and intelligence.

Avelin Vallen

What we like – Tough and dependable

Avelin is a human warrior who is very kind and places friendship and family above all else. She is a protector of the weak, and may occasionally overlook what is lawful or right to help out a friend in need. However, it does not mean that she will not lecture you about your wayward ways when she needs to.

Aveline Vallen is a human warrior fleeing Ostagar with Ser Wesley, her husband, during the Fifth Blight after being set by darkspawn and saved by Hawke and their family.

Among the Quests, you will find Avelin Vallen helpful include the Destruction of Lothering, a Friend in the Guard, the Way it Should Be, The Questioning Belief, among others. A tireless guardian, a soldier, and a master of shield and sword, Avelin Vallen will help you execute your missions in the game.

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Varric Tethras

What we like – Good-nature and interesting dialogue

Another sure contender for the best companions spot is Varrick. He is easy-going, and it is really hard to find fault with him. He is that loyal friend who stays with you until the very end. As a successful businessman who is well educated, he is a voice of reason and can get you out of dicey situations.

You will enjoy the conversations he has with his companions. You can also depend on him during a battle to bring out his trusty crossbow, Bianca, when the need arises.

To have Varric as your companion, you are supposed to approach him while you can. There are very high chances that you will find him writing something.

Later, you should select any dialogue option, and when he has commented that he never officially became part of the Inquisition, reply with “Just be my friend.” Varric Tethras is among the characters that make the best companions in the game.


What we like – Adorable.

The Elvin mage is adorable and a great character to explore. She struggles with feelings of isolation and has a fascination with black magic. What makes her so endearing is that; she is an embodiment of the insecurities and confusion that many people face in life. It makes it easy to connect with her when you understand it from that point.

Merril is known to be a partial party member in the Dalish Elf Origin. The keeper asks Merril to accompany the Warden to find Tamlen when he gets lost in old Elven Ruins. To get Merril’s approval, you must;

  • Side with the mages or the elves present in the quests, choose the options that favor blood, demons, or magic, and being agreeable to her in conversations.

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What we like – unique abilities.

The former slave Fenris is a potent companion in battle. He can phase through physical objects due to an experiment conducted on him when he was much younger. It makes him an invaluable tool when in combat. You may get the feeling that he is a bit standoffish, but perhaps that adds to his appeal.

Being an elven warrior and a fugitive slave, Fenris is extremely distrustful of the formation of any mages. Fenris finds happiness in helping other slaves. He can be Hawke’s potential companion and a romantic partner for either female or male Hawke. Fenris can be recruited through the side quest Switch and Bait acquired by picking up one letter from Gamien’s house.


What we like – Unique abilities and opinionated

Morrigan also goes by the name, The Witch of the Wilds. She has shape-shifting abilities, and is, therefore, a potent mage. She can be scathing and may come across as arrogant due to how highly she holds herself.

Put that aside, and you will get someone with a lot of knowledge and depth. Talking to her makes for interesting conversation, and she is definitely someone you will enjoy during the journey.

We have looked at the best companions in Dragon Age Inquisition. As mentioned earlier, Dragon Age Inquisition continues to stand out due to its ability to engage players so actively. One thing you want at all times is to have people whom you can depend upon.

Morrigan can be defined as a neutral evil that is full of sense. Morrigan is a shapeshifting witch that lives in the Wilds. She is among the few sorceresses who have their origin hail from the Korcari Wilds region of the Ferelden Kingdom.

Morrigan, who seems to be a party member won’t join your team. However, people should understand that she is not a party member and romances easily with either the male or female characters.

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