Best Rogue Build Dragon Age Origins

If there’s one thing all Dragon Age Origins (DA:O) players can agree on is that the race doesn’t matter. However, most players will either choose to go with humans or dwarves. This is primarily due to bonuses offered for these class builds. For instance, humans get +1 bonuses for Cun, Str, Mag, and Dex; however, this is not to be confused with their starting points, which are at +15 Dex and +15Cun. When it comes to the rogue class, there are only two main rogue builds that will guarantee you the most DPS. The first build being the dual weapon, and the other one being the archer.


Armor & weapons for the Rogue build

An important thing to note for both rogue builds is that you may focus on the right attributes, for instance, strength. You only need +20 str, which will get you a good armor, so there’s no need to waste time garnering too many str points.

Also, dexterity and cunning are essential attributes. So, it would be best if you focused on getting as many dex points as possible, especially if you’ve chosen the dual-wielding rogue build character.

Cunning is very useful for the rogue archer, so you should get to at least 20 stats then split the rest between dex and cun till you max them out.

As far as specializations go, choosing an assassin for a dual-wielding rogue will give you the most DPS. Rogue archers benefit more from the hunting specialization as well as bard skills.

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When it comes to armor, always go for the lightweight ones that won’t slow you down or reduce your stamina. Also, when choosing your armor, you must take note of the attribute requirements.

Some plays always advise against choosing an armor that requires more than +20 str.

Getting your hands on the drakeskin armor is relatively easy. Once you’ve slain the six drakes from the Mountainside Cavern, you’ll take them to Wade at his Emporium. You must pay him for his service.

First, you will have to give three drake scales. Then, once you pay him 10g, he’ll craft a light drakeskin armor. Then the next time you visit his Emporium, hand him the Dragon scale, and he’ll craft the superior drakeskin for you.

Again, you’ll have to hand over three more drake scales, but then this will give you the option of choosing either a massive, bulky, or medium version of the superior drakeskin armor.

You can get the helmet once you get to Carta’s hideout. You’ll need to kill him hen loot the crates lying on the north and east side. You’ll find the Jammer’s stash box which has this longrunner’s cap as well as gold. Getting this armor will cost you +17 str but reward you with +1 stamina replenishment, which is going to come in handy during combat.

The red Jenny seekers are lightweight gloves you receive as a reward for completing Master Ignacio’s quests, specifically the assassination quests. You’ll find Ignacio at the tavern found in the Denerim market.

These gloves may also appear in the dark alley while the player is completing the justice quest. One thing to note is that these gloves are restricted to the rogue build characters and will require +20 str. The armor gives an effect of 15% damage, and fatigue is at 1.15%

Most players will get this coat once you get past level 16. Most players get it at level 18. You’ll need to buy it from Wade with about 100g. Just make sure you get it during the second visit to his Emporium when asking him to improve your drakeskin armor.

This coat is lightweight and is made from tier 7 drakeskin. For this, you’ll require +20 str. The armor is 9.0, with a fatigue bonus of 2.3%. You’ll also get +15 resistance, +6 DEX, +1 stamina +9 defense, and +4 armor.

This armor will clear your doubts about having bards as companions to complete your rogue build character. While at the party camp, you’ll find the Bodahn merchant and Sandal his assistant.

For this, you’ll need +20 str. Once you get your hands on these shoes, you’ll receive +6 defense, which helps to avert hostility.


Daggers are essential weapons, especially for the dual-wielding rogue build.

  • Rose’s thorn

The Garin merchant has an extensive inventory, and rose’s thorn is one of them. You’ll find this smith at the Orzammar commons where all dwarves conduct businesses. For this, you’ll require +30 DEX.

The rose’s thorn stats include +2 dex, +30% backstab dmg, +3 dmg, +5% melee critical chance and +1 health regeneration.

The dual-wielding rogue will have to go through three tiers to get this dagger. The first tier being tier 2. For this one, you have to buy it from Barlin, a merchant at the Lothering. Once you get to tier 3, you can steal this dagger from Lord Anwer when he goes to the Aeducan Thaig.

One thing to note is that you would have to accept the ‘first task’ sub-quest given by Vartag. You may also steal this dagger from Anwer as he’s loitering the diamond’s quarter. The third tier is tier 6.

To get this dagger, you need to complete the Drifter’s Cache found on the Caridin’s cross. Fortunately, there are many road markers found here, so finding the exits is simple. Note that you can only sell the tier 2 version. Also, it has better bonuses compared to the other tier daggers.

To get this dagger, you’ll need +12 dex in tier 2, +14 dex in tier 3, and +24 dex in tier 6.

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Pros & Cons


  • Drakeskin armor will reduce fatigue once you get the bonus stats. This armor also earns you a total of 20 XP for both visits to Wade’s Emporium
  • The Longrunner’s cap is a light helmet, so it reduces fatigue and is useful for players with low willpower att


  • If you happen to receive two drakeskin and dragon scale armors from Wade, this Emporium closes and prevents you from getting the felon’s coat
  • There’s a dexterity bug in the game that affects the daggers’ str attributes. You will, therefore, need high cunning and lethality points.
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