Best Race for Necromancer in ESO

Finding the best race for Necromancer in ESO will provide you with a fantastic gaming experience. The necromancer class race games keep on improving and becoming better with each better rank.

By playing the following games, you will get the satisfaction of thrilling living-dead magic powers as you have always wanted. Keep reading through this article as we bring you the best necromancer games.

The various necromancer categories have the most amazing games. Let’s have a look at the list of our best race for necromancer in ESO.



Do you enjoy Magicka in necromancer races? This game leads in the Magicka world category. As a Khajiit, you will get passives and bonuses that outweigh those in the high elf or Breton.

The extra 915 health, stamina, and Magicka bonus will help you when you experience fights and burn out your resources.

You also get a bonus recovery in every 100 for health and 85 for stamina/Magicka along with the mission. Alongside many features, a Khajiit has to:

  • Use sets of the mother’s sorrow/medusa to unlock the Khajiit damage bonus in critical times.
  • To boost your critical chance, use the thief Mundus when not using the shadow Mundus.
  • Use the thief when you get critical of below 50%
  • The shadow will get used when you have a critical above 50%
  • Consider the death knell when you slot the grave lord below 25% critical to building up your levels. This act raises your critical chance by 4 % and helps in building up your options.
  • Use the blastbones as a delayed tactic before engaging your enemy in the actual fight.
  • Use the glacial colossus as the final damaging tactic to destroy your opponent. This tool increases your enemies’ damage by 30% hence very colossal.
  • Ensure that you stay at the same skill bar with your grave lord when your health decreases below 25%. This act will help you hit critically in success.


  • 12 % critical damage healing ability, which spikes up your AOE damage skills
  • You get a big chance to set off big crits
  • You will achieve strong spells to help you in critical times
  • You will receive extra AOE damaging abilities

The traits of these necromancers get applied in thief and warrior traits in movies. The spell fits well in witch characters making a movie as enjoyable as playing the ESO game too.

Follow this link and learn more on how to build on this race.

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Dark elf

If you enjoy stamina necromancer races, then Dark elf will be your perfect choice. To better your fighting skills, always use your raw stamina stats as provided for by the Dark Elf.

You will get great stamina of up to 1950, 258 spells, and weapon damage power in this class. The two significant passives help a necromancer scale up their damaging abilities.

The passives act as stat multiplies along the fighting journey. Have a look at the potential that this game has here.

Unlike the Khajiit, this level offers consistent damage abilities where you will have to:

  • Increase the poisoned, diseased, bleed status to your enemies to achieve a rapid rot damage increase of 15%
  • Use the bonus damage tools of blastbones, twin slashes, poison arrow, and trap beast over time.
  • Use the grave lord skills of poisoning and disease. The disease skill reduces healing taken by 15%, while poisoning does the more significant damage. The grave lord makes the enemies more vulnerable to your hits, making you stronger.
  • Always raise your skeletal archer up to bring consistent damage to your enemies and leave a corpse behind to awaken your other more vital abilities.
  • Use the blighted blastbones during cooldown to cast consistent damage while leaving behind a corpse too.
  • Always use the detonating siphon as a skill to drain a corpse that will damage your enemies entirely at the end.


  • The dark elf offers consistent damage without depending on critical hits
  • Your siphon skill on your bar contributes to a 3% damage rate by simply having it on your skill bar. This skill makes your attacks more fatal
  • The corpses left behind keep the fighting abilities on significant levels

These necromancer skills get used in movies by warriors to win great fights as Dark elf, thus guaranteeing it to be among the necromancer race builds.

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High elf

The high elf forms part of the best race for necromancer when building a solid necromancer healer. In this character, all you need is a high Magicka pool and sustain.

  • As a necromancer in this category, you get 2000 Magicka, 258 spell/Magicka damage strength, and 625 Magicka/stamina recovery every 6 seconds of activating a skill.
  • The recovery goes the lower resource. During combat, you will have the following tasks at hand.
  • Ensure you kill more enemies to acquire 200 stamina/Magicka every time an opponent dies.
  • You will keep resurrecting your allies, and this action ensures that you have soldiers ready to act whenever a fight arises. The resurrection happens automatically without having to cast spells.
  • Your living death skills will help you increase your healing potency.
  • Fight hard to remain alive during a problematic boss mechanic. By staying active, you get a ‘get out of jail free card that you will use to have your team back.

The card gets stored in your toolkit for use when the need arises. This card serves as an added advantage over your enemies. These skills will make you feel that this race gets into the best race for the necromancer list.


  • You get advanced healing abilities that keep your allies alive as you undertake a veteran war mission.
  • The spell and Magicka powers give you added advantage over your enemies, making this one of the best race for necromancer.
  • You don’t worry about sustaining your resource pools since whenever an opponent dies, you get rewarded with 200 points of Magicka/stamina.
  • You will get a braided tether skill raising your healing abilities for you and your allies by 3 %.
  • The near-death experiences increase your healing chances by 20%. Depending on the intensity of your injuries or those of your allies, you may get to save everyone. You may thus get to your feet by risking your life to keep the whole team. You get to stay up even at the brick of losing.

This character fits well in movies as healers and great warriors too.

In conclusion, the above races have made it into our list of the best race for necromancer in ESO. Whether a Magicka, stamina, or healer character, you will enjoy racing in the above builds.

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