Best Bows in Dark Souls 2

To have absolute fun while playing Dark Souls 2, you should have a vast knowledge of the best bows and the features that makes them superior. Having all the information with you makes it easy for you to combat your enemies and increase your chances of winning.

Though the list of bows you can decide to work with is endless, knowing what works best for you will save you the extra effort of trying out different things. Spending your time in thorough research and finding out how other bows work, their advantages and disadvantages are ways to identify the weapons that work best.

Here is a list of the best bows you can use in Dark Souls 2.


Dragonrider Bow

Dragonrider bower is a bow wielded by Dragonrider, who is King Vendrick’s royal guard. Though each shot the Bow makes is known to have deadly potential, drawing the Bow requires the user to have inhuman strength.

Additionally, the wielder is required to have great skill and therefore test the worthiness of those aspiring to be part of the Dragonriders. The Dragonrider bow is acquired by trading the Dragonrider soul and other 1500 souls with Straid of Olaphis.

Among the specs that make the Dragonrider bow a superior weapon to use include the fact that it is the strongest Bow in relation to the damage, it causes per shot. Though the Dragonrider bow fires much slower than other bows, it guzzles 50% more vigor per shot.

Like all other crossbows, you can infuse with either bleed or poison. Additionally, you will also cause damage with either the aux effects by the use of Lacerating Arrows or Poison Arrows.

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Bow of Want

The Bow of Want is a bow that has been created from Nashandra’s soul. Many people like using the Bow of Want because;

  • It is fast
  • Its range is good
  • Its attack is great and special
  • Its attack rating is huge. The Bow of Want can do 300-350 damage to most of its opponents using lightning arrows
  • It consumes relatively little stamina

Unless you lack much invested in faith, the Bow of Want is superior to the Dragonrider bow and the Blackbow. The Bow of Want can be the best pick when choosing to work with bows that eat up little stamina per shot made and are also slow to boot.

You can acquire the Bow of Want by trading the Soul of Nashandra and 0ther 10 000 souls with Weaponsmith Ornifex. The Bow of Want is similar to other Crossbows, Greatbows, and Bows in that it can be infused with either Bleed or Poison.

It is also possible to cause damage with the aux effects by using Lacerating Arrows or poison arrows. The Damage stat dictates the damage the weapon can cause. The Bow of Want has a damage stat of A / B / C / D / E:

  • A is for Physical Damage
  • B is for the Magical Damage of the weapon
  • C is Fire Damage
  • D is Damage by Lightning
  • E is Dark Damage

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Hunters Black Bow

A Hunters Black Bow is a weapon typically designed for long-distance attacks. It is difficult to handle initially and requires the user to have some amount of practice to master.

The Hunters Black Bow is acquired from a chest of down a ladder on a raised floor in the second bonfire right before the Dual Dragonrider boss at the Castle of Drangleic across an acid pool. The Bow is found in a metallic chest guarded by a Royal Swordsman.

Among the great specifications, the weapon can fire at a faster rate- up to four times in very quick successions at the stamina of 120. Compared to all other bows, the Hunters Blackbow shoots are believed to be the fastest shooter.

The hunting Goddess Evlana had the bravery of a warrior and great skills in using a bow.

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Possessed Armor Greatbow

The Possessed Armor Greatbow is fashioned with multiple layers of hard iron, making it have excessive sturdiness. The suits of armor were in the past used as decorations until they were seized by the black fog that was ruling the tower.

The weapon is acquired when dropped by possessed armor in Brume Tower. It has some extra features to help especially combat the enemy. Among them include;

  • A dark Clutch ring to increase its dark damage
  • Ring of Blades to increase its damage
  • Destructive Greatarrow to do the best damage for the greatbow

The Bow is no different from the rest since you can infuse it with either Bleed or Poison.


Short Bow

The Short Bow is a type of small bow hunters use during their training. To have immediate options during a war, you should equip up to two makes of arrows.

The arrows are used to hit the enemies from afar to increase the upper hand by oozing first blood from the enemy. The Short Bow is found in a chest in Blacksmith Lenigrast’s shop. It is also a bandit class initial equipment.

Also, the weapon can be acquired when dropped in the Forest of Fallen Giants by Hollow Infantry. The Short Bow has the lowest consumption of stamina.

When infused with fire, it can detonate explosive barrels and kindle objects regardless of ammunition.

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Long Bow

Long Bow is a standard bow used chiefly by hunters. The weapon is acquired through buying from NPC Steady Hand McDuff for 2000 Souls in Lost Bastille. Like the Short Bow, you can obtain the weapon in the Forest of Fallen Giants, where it is dropped from bow-wielding Hollow Royal Soldiers.

With knowledge of the features and makes of the best bows, you make yourself accessible time gaming against opponents. Also, you can know the weapons to avoid even if they are rated top and do not work well with you.

Having considered the bows elaborated above, it is tough to go wrong and select the wrong weapons. These weapons are also believed to increase your chances of destroying your enemies in their yards.

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