Best Hex Build in Dark souls 2

Are you playing the Hex Build in Dark Souls 2 and want to improve your game performance? Your performance might depend on the stats, weapons, armor, spells, and tools you choose to use during gaming. Here are the best techniques, weapons, armor, spells, and stats which will make gaming easier in this build.


Stats Needed For Hex Build

You may need to invest some time in farming spices as it would help you know the spells you will ignore, the ones to use, and others that need a spice down. High attunement is key to choosing the best stat in the Hex Build game, making it possible to access a better chime and more scaling.

Great mobility equipment might need over 20% of the significant role as the build is impressive, and you can use the mobility to your advantage. It may take some time to get the best shields, weapons, and spells that ensure the best scores in the game.

You may start with the sorcerer class, which is on level 150 or lower, with about 15 Vigor, 10 endurance, 20 vitality, 30 attunement, 10 strength, 7 dexterity, 8 adaptabilities, 50 intelligence, and 50 faith. Even if you feel the starts are not as functional as you would want initially, you will gain more functionality as you move from a lower to an upper class.

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Best Weapons for Hex Build

· Axes

The axes such as Bandit Axe, Battle Axe, Bound Hand Axe, Butchers Knife, and Dragon Slayers Crescent Axes are among the best weapons in Hex Build in dark souls 2. These axes are reinforced with titanite and petrified dragon bone and can damage the enemy ultimately with a strike. You may find the different axes at the No Man’s Wharf treasure and would be sold by the blacksmith Lenigrast, chancellor Wellager, and Weaponsmith Ornifex.

· Bows

Bows are among the best weapons in Hex Build, and there are many types such as bell keeper bow, the bow of want, composite bow, hunter’s black-bow, longbow, sea bow, and short bow. The bows are also reinforced with titanite and petrified dragon bone for an extraordinary attack on the enemy.

The bows are available at the alone-knight drop, enhanced undead drop, Straid of Olaphis, and weapon-smith Ornifex. The bows have a high counter-strength, are very durable with excellent poise damage from projectile strikes.

· Swords

Hex build utilizes both the curved and greatswords to damage the enemy, and the swords are reinforced with the titanite and petrified dragon bone. The slush trust can put the enemy out of the way and cause severe damage.

You would find them at the Forest of the fallen giants, Benhart of Jugo, Charred Loyce Knight, and some swords are sold by Steady Hand of McDuff and Head of Vengarl.

· Daggers

You can utilize daggers to Hex build to increase spell damage by 5% and decrease elemental resists by 200. Some of the daggers include a bandit’s knife, blue dagger, broken thief sword, manikin, and black flame-stone, etc.

The daggers are available at the Huntsman’s Copse treasure, Chancellor Wellager, and Fume sorcerer.

· Hammers

Some of the hammers you would find in Hex Build include Aldia hammer, Barbed Club, Black Dragon Warpick, club, and mace. The hammers are reinforced with twinkling titanite and petrified dragon bone. Some of the hammers are sold by the Chancellor Wellager, undead crypt, Ladder-smith Gilligan, and the lost Bastille treasure.

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Best Armor for Hex Build

The alone knight set has the knight helm, armor, gauntlets, and leggings; the helm has 11% poise, 80% durability, and 500 souls on selling, while the body armor has 38% poise 80%durability and 500 souls on selling. Your influence on the physical DEF stat influences the effectiveness of the armor.

· Alva armor set

The Alva armor set has a helm, body armor, gauntlets, and leggings, and they offer 80% durability and poise between 4-10%. The poise would determine how resistant your armor would be, and the durability means the armor will not need frequent repairing at a blacksmith’s office.

· Bell keeper armor set

The Bell Keeper armor set in Hex build has a helmet with 5 % poise and is resistant compared to other armor components such as bellyband, cuffs, and leggings. The armor is of low resistance and might not prevent enemy attacks.

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· Pyromancies spells

Pyromancy needs flames to cast spells, and you can find the treasure chests from merchants and sometimes might be covenant rewards by trading with the straids of Olaphis. They do not need any stats but can reduce enemy damage by 15% and increase the damage from your weapons. You should not drop the spells, and you would store them in the item box at the bonfires.

· Sorceries spells

The sorceries spell need a casting weapon to cast a spell, and you can find them at the treasure chests for purchase from the merchants. The spells reduce intelligence requirements on individual spells. You can use the black witch hat to attune the extra spell and increase your intelligence leading to better gaming outcomes.

· Miracles

Miracles in Hex build need a sacred chime or the black witch’s staff to cast, and they reduce faith requirements on individual spells. The black witch domino mask can decrease an enemy’s HP by 15%, thus increasing spell damage by 3%. On the other hand, sainthood increases the number of casts on each spell by 1%, and the sun seal increases the miracles by 5%, and the spells can have the zooming aim, thus targeting distant foes with a spell.

· Hexes

Hexes are spells in the Hex Build which need a staff such as the black witch staff or the sanctum shield to cast. You would find hexes in treasure chests, in the Straid of the Olaphis, or from some merchants. The hexes reduce an enemy’s intelligence leading to deadly blows giving you an added advantage during gaming.

Dark souls 2 is an exciting game, and Hex build is among the games you should play as it is simple, and the gaming skills would depend on the chosen weapons, armor, and spells. The starts would impact the game also but, you would improve the starts as you master the game. Good luck with finding the right tools for Hex build gaming.

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